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Court Rules NY Towns Can Use Zoning Laws To Ban Fracking

The battle over the highly controversial topic of fracking — a mining technique that has gained popular use as a method of extracting natural gas from the earth — continues as New York state’s highest court has ruled that towns can use zoning laws to effectively ban the practice. [More]

Next time I set fire to a small town, I must remember to contact the local pizza place to inquire about a bulk order.

Chevron Says Sorry For Fracking Fire The Only Way It Knows How: With Pizza Coupon

Last week, an explosion at a Chevron natural gas fracking operation in northwestern Pennsylvania resulted in a fire that lasted for days and may have cost one rig worker his life. Let’s not forget the environmental damage and other possibly hazardous longterm effects. If you were a mammoth oil company like Chevron, how would you appease the local citizenry? By providing them pizza coupons, of course. [More]


German Brewers Fight Fracking To Maintain Purity Of Beer

Fracking — the process of obtaining natural gas and other resources through the use of hydraulic fracturing — is a controversial and divisive issue, with proponents claiming it is a clean and safe way to tap needed fuel sources while opponents say fracking wreaks havoc on the environment and ecosystem. In Germany, some of the biggest names in beer have joined together to ask the German government to stop fracking there until it can be proven that it won’t taint the groundwater — and by extension, German beer. [More]

Our Water Is Totally Fracked Up

Our Water Is Totally Fracked Up

An independent lab found fracking chemicals in the well water of “almost everybody” living in one neighborhood in Pennsylvania. Fracking is not a typo or a joke or a TV reference, it refers to “hydrofracking,” in which chemicals are pumped into the ground to create cracks and fissures that increase the output of oil and gas wells. The neighbors point their fingers at nearby drilling company Cabot, who has countered that the chemicals, like methane, were in some of the wells already before they began fracking everything up. [More]