If you can take your eyes away from the dreamy visage of Shervin Pishevar for a second, you'll notice that little black box on the right hand side touting content paid for by Fidelity without disclosing that it's actually an ad.

Forbes Now Including Advertiser-Created Content On Front Cover Of Magazine

If you thought the demon who goes by many names — native advertising, advertorials, sponsored stories, promoted content, utter bullsh*t — was something that was relegated to the Internet, then go check out the new issue of Forbes, which not only comes complete with some of this bought-and-paid-for crap, but which actually lists it on the front cover of the magazine like it’s just another story. [More]

Let’s Break Down Forbes’ Laughable “5 Reasons To Admire Comcast”


In spite of its two Worst Company In America wins, we know that not everyone hates Comcast. But if you’re going to go out of your way on a popular website to tell America why it should think more kindly of the Kabletown folks, then you’ll need to come up with better reasons than the ones given in a risible Forbes.com column. [More]

More Money, More Women And More Countries Featured In 2014 Forbes Billionaires List

More Money, More Women And More Countries Featured In 2014 Forbes Billionaires List

The world’s wealthiest individuals are taking over from the looks of the 2014 Forbes Billionaire List. This year’s list has more billionaires, more women and reaches more areas in the world than ever before. [More]

Microsoft Includes Free Disposable Wifi Router In Forbes Magazine

Microsoft Includes Free Disposable Wifi Router In Forbes Magazine

“I still like print magazines, but I wish that they functioned as a portable wifi hotspot,” said no one ever. This wish came true for some people last week when they received a special edition of Forbes magazine in the mail that serves as a disposable wifi hotspot as well as a disposable news delivery device. [More]

Is It Time To Start A Best Buy Death Watch?

Is It Time To Start A Best Buy Death Watch?

Is much-hated electronics chain Best Buy spiraling out of business and into irrelevance before our eyes? Maybe. But not for a while yet. Writing for Forbes, business expert Larry Downes laid out why the company could be gradually going out of business, one Black Tie Protection Plan at a time.


Guy Who Made More Than $7 Billion Off Madoff Found At Bottom Of Pool

Guy Who Made More Than $7 Billion Off Madoff Found At Bottom Of Pool

Jeffry Picower, the only Madoff investor to wind up on the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans, was found dead at the bottom of his pool Sunday, says the AP. He is accused of making more than $7 billion off of Madoff’s ponzi scheme.

How Being Lazy Costs You Money

How Being Lazy Costs You Money

Forbes is tired of you sitting around all the time staring at the TV. They’ve put together a list of all the ways you’re losing money by not trying just a little bit harder. For example, by not taking the time to choose the best rate on your savings account (which usually means looking at online banks instead of the local one where you do your checking), you’re missing out on extra interest. Another area: not paying close attention to deadlines on 0% finance offers, where one slip can cost you dearly.

How To Survive The Downturn If You're Obscenely Wealthy

How To Survive The Downturn If You're Obscenely Wealthy

Sure, mouthbreathing peasants can whine about the economy all they like, but they can’t even fathom the pain that we wealthy masters of the universe face in a recession.

America's Top 20 Time-Draining Airports

America's Top 20 Time-Draining Airports

There are many things that drive travelers crazy but airport delays have to rank among the most frustrating. Forbes has put together their list of the 20 top time-draining airports based on categories such as late aircraft related delays, cancellations, weather related delays and the percentage of on-time arrivals and departures. Check out which airports you should avoid if possible and see how your local favorite stacks up. The list, inside…

World’s Most Expensive Shoes for Women

World’s Most Expensive Shoes for Women

Ladies love them shoes, says fashion watchdog Forbes.com.

Cohen estimates that shoes costing $1,000 and up account for less than 1% of total women’s fashion footwear sales (fashion footwear is defined as anything other than athletic), but he acknowledges a growing group of women willing to pay more for their shoes now than they ever have been before. “It changed as early as a year-and-a-half ago but picked up steam in the past six months. Women consider footwear their signature item now.”

Oddly enough, we consider women’s feet our signature item, although we’ve been advised to stop wearing them to Sunday School.