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Online Charter School K12 Hit With $169M Settlement For False Advertising Allegations

For years now, for-profit colleges have come under fire from federal and state lawmakers and investigators over allegedly misleading and deceiving prospective students into enrolling. Today, the state of California announced a $168.5 million settlement to resolve similar allegations, not with an institution of higher education, but with a for-profit online grade-school operator called K12.  [More]


New Rules Could Hold Career Education Programs Accountable For Graduates’ Success

While college tuitions and student loan debt has skyrocketed, a number of institutions — especially for-profit schools — have been criticized for failing to provide sufficient education and guidance to students who are then stuck without jobs and without the ability to pay back student loans. Starting Monday morning, the Dept. of Education will begin hearing feedback on a recently drafted regulation that would hold schools accountable for the performance of their students in the real world. [More]