Adidas, Kanye West Planning To Open Stores Dedicated To Yeezy Products

Rumors that musician/shoe designer/famous person Kanye West would release his next line of Yeezy footwear without partner Adidas have proved to be wrong, and then some: West and Adidas have instead announced an expanded partnership, including retail locations that will be dedicated solely to the Yeezy product line. [More]

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New Balance A Few Steps From Its Dream Of U.S.-Made Footwear Requirement For Military

It’s been a long time coming, but New Balance’s marathon efforts to get the Pentagon to require military members to buy only shoes made in America may finally be paying off. [More]

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How To Protect Your Shoes Through Salt And Snow

We’re dealing with ankle-deep slush in the parking lots here at Consumerist’s northernmost bureau. Harsh winter weather is harsh for shoes, especially shoes that haven’t been designed to be tough and waterproof. If you’re still waiting for your backordered duck boots, here’s what you should do to keep your shoes looking nice after the snow melts. [More]

Ways In Which Sandals Beat Up Your Feet

Ways In Which Sandals Beat Up Your Feet

Summer’s hot weather and casual sensibilities make it difficult to summon the will to go through the socks-and-shoes routine, making sandals seem more appealing. But allowing your feet to breathe can come at the price of injury. [More]

The Combs Company Supports Feet, Customers

The Combs Company Supports Feet, Customers

Aaron’s feet were irritated by the stitching on a pair of Rafters sandals that he purchased last year from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Aaron tried to break in the sandals over the course of a year, but they still felt “like needles” in his feet. Aaron sent an email to The Combs Company, maker of the sandals:

I am just writing you folks because I am rather disappointed with the Rafters Sandals I purchased from Dick’s Sporting Goods approximately one year ago. When I tried them on at the store, they seemed like very comfortable shoes for the summer months. However, my first extended period of wearing them, I have realized that the stitching for the leather panels (the ones located directly below where the feet rest) are very irritating, to the point where if you walk for even a short period, the stitching feels like needles in my feet.