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University Ripped For Pushing Chocolate Milk As Concussion Treatment

A University of Maryland program that “promotes the development and commercialization of products and processes through industry/university research partnerships,” is being criticized for not just declaring that a particular brand of chocolate milk can improve cognitive skills of athletes who suffered a concussion, but for making that declaration without releasing any data to back it up. [More]

Minnesota Vikings Sue Wells Fargo For Attempting To “Photo Bomb” New Stadium

Minnesota Vikings Sue Wells Fargo For Attempting To “Photo Bomb” New Stadium

When you build a new multibillion-dollar stadium for an NFL franchise, you probably want to make sure that advertisers are paying for their name on or in the building, not just near it. And you probably want to ensure that those advertisers who do pay for their name on the building aren’t being overshadowed by the neighbors. Which is why the Minnesota Vikings are suing Wells Fargo. [More]

Court Ruling On Rock Band’s Name Could Bolster “Redskins” Trademark

Court Ruling On Rock Band’s Name Could Bolster “Redskins” Trademark

In 2014, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceled the trademark for the NFL’s Washington Redskins, deeming the term offensive and therefore not eligible for trademark. In July 2015, a federal court sided with the USPTO and ordered the agency to cancel the team’s trademark. But a ruling this week by an appeals court in Washington, D.C., adds a new wrinkle to this complicated and controversial issue. [More]


Federal Appeals Court Won’t Reconsider Plan That Would Pay College Football, Basketball Players

If you’re a college athlete hoping to score some cash from your time on the basketball court or on the football field, you’re out of luck: a federal appeals court has decided against reconsidering its ruling striking down a plan to pay some NCAA athletes. [More]

Uber Now Offering Last-Minute NFL Tickets, Rides To Games — In Jacksonville

Uber Now Offering Last-Minute NFL Tickets, Rides To Games — In Jacksonville

Earlier this fall, Uber began a two-month, Saturdays-only test allowing passenger to watch college football games while on the move in Nashville, Detroit, Atlanta and Houston. Now the company is one-upping itself by providing last-minute tickets to riders wanting to see a professional football game — as long as they live in Jacksonville and want to see the currently 3-6 Jaguars.  [More]


New Bud Light Deal Means Active NFL Players Can Be Used To Shill For Beer

Bud Light has been an official beer-like drink of the National Football League for a few seasons now, and ads for Bud Light have long featured retired athletes, but the league had barred the use of any active players in beer commercials. That’s about to change thanks to a multi-year deal between the NFL and the popular beverage brand. [More]

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Buffalo Wild Wings Blames Sluggish Sales On NFL Season’s Late Start

Did you notice something different about the first week of September this year — perhaps a noticeable lack of wing sauce covering your fingers? Sports eatery Buffalo Wild Wings wasn’t able to score as much in the third quarter, blaming its lack of customers on the late start to the NFL season.



Federal Appeals Court Nixes Plan To Pay College Football, Basketball Stars

A federal appeals court has ruled that colleges are violating antitrust laws by profiting from student-athletes’ names and likenesses while these same students are forbidden from receiving any money. However, the same appeals panel struck down the lower court’s plan that would have allowed NCAA member schools to pay certain athletes up to $5,000 a year in deferred compensation. [More]

What’s It Like To Be An NFL Owner? Ask The Green Bay Packers Shareholders

“Please rise, remove your hats, your cheeseheads, and join us in singing our National Anthem.”

There is only one place those words make complete sense. Yes, even on a hot, bright summer day in July, when any pate covered in orange foam material had to be sweating more profusely than a Vikings fan in a purple jersey in a stadium full of green and gold: Lambeau Field, in Green Bay, WI. It’s the home of the Green Bay Packers. [More]

From a lawsuit filed against the NFL and DirecTV by a Manhattan bar. "3-Pay," and "5-Pay" refer to options for paying for the package in installments.

Here’s How Much Your Local Sports Bar Is Paying For NFL Sunday Ticket

If you think $252-$354/year is a lot to pay for DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket, well… you’re right. But it’s also just a fraction of what even the smallest sports bar will pay to carry the exclusive add-on package. [More]

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Brewery Worker Declares His Feelings About Tom Brady On The Bottom Of 20,000 Cans Of Beer

If you’ve had a can of Sun King beer recently, you might’ve been holding a vessel bearing one man’s personal feelings on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and never have known it. That man is named Biscuit, he works on the brewery’s canning line, and he thinks “TOM BRADY SUX,” according to the “Born on” date on the bottom of more than 20,000 cans of beer.


NFL Sunday Ticket Now Available To College Students At A Discount

NFL Sunday Ticket Now Available To College Students At A Discount

College students often live far from where they grew up, meaning they can’t usually watch their hometown NFL team play on Sunday afternoons. DirecTV and its new parent AT&T are hoping to reach these young football fans by offering a discounted rate for online access to NFL Sunday Ticket. [More]

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The Going Rate For A 30-Second Super Bowl Commercial Spot Tops $5M

Even though last year’s slate of Super Bowl ads was largely regarded as ho-hum, and even though advertisers are increasingly subverting the “surprise!” effect of Super Bowl sunday commercials by relentlessly teasing their big-ticket spots online days in advance, the NFL’s big game is still TV’s biggest annual draw, and so the cost to be a part of it is going up again. [More]

Federal Court Cancels Registration Of Redskins Trademarks

Federal Court Cancels Registration Of Redskins Trademarks

A year after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office deemed the term “Redskin” offensive, and therefore not eligible for a trademark, the Washington NFL team has been dealt another blow in its attempt to protect its brand. This morning, a federal court agreed with the USPTO and ordered the agency to cancel the team’s trademark. [More]


Hyundai Replaces General Motors As Official Automotive Sponsor Of The NFL

Sure, sometimes breaking up might be hard to do, but it always helps when you’ve got another suitor lined up to take your former flame’s place. Such is the arrangement for the National Football League, which announced today that it’s ending its relationship with General Motors and hooking up with Hyundai.



After Decades Of Raking In Mountains Of Money, NFL Finally Decides To Abandon Not-For-Profit Status

Last season, the NFL generated $10.5 billion in revenue, of which a solid $1 billion was profit. That’s a lot of money. And yet despite basically being able to fill a Scrooge McDuck tower thousands of times over, the NFL has been a tax-exempt non-profit organization — until today.



SEC Alleges Ex-NFL Player Ran $31M Ponzi Scheme

In football, a cornerback is tasked with defending against pass offenses. It appears one former NFL player wasn’t doing much defending on behalf of investors off the field. Instead, the Securities and Exchange Commission alleges former New York Giants player Will Allen used his big league connections to assist in the operation of a $31 million Ponzi scheme based on making loans to cash-strapped pro athletes. [More]

Ticket Broker Can’t Deliver Customer’s $4K Super Bowl Tix… Until Local News Gets Involved

Ticket Broker Can’t Deliver Customer’s $4K Super Bowl Tix… Until Local News Gets Involved

Here’s the thing about buying Super Bowl tickets: You can get them for a relatively decent price — even through a broker — if you buy them early enough, before anyone knows which teams will even be making the playoffs, let alone playing in the big game. But you stand the chance of those tickets mysteriously vanishing when a ticket broker realizes he can get a lot more for them from last-minute buyers. [More]