Mike Matney

After Closing 100 Locations, Ruby Tuesday Is Going Private In $146M Deal

Earlier this year, Ruby Tuesday revealed that it was exploring strategic alternatives — corporate speak for a sale — after experiencing continued declining sales and closing nearly 100 underperforming stores. Now, the company has settled on its alternative, a $146 million sale to private equity firm NRD Capital.  [More]

Serita V.

County Worker Accused Of Stealing $1.2M Worth Of Fajitas Over 9 Years

We hate handing out tips to wannabe white-collar criminals, but if you’re going to use your job to steal millions of dollars in food, at least make sure you’re in the office to answer calls about your latest shipment of embezzled Tex-Mex arrives. [More]

You Can Now Order Food From Within Facebook

You Can Now Order Food From Within Facebook

Facebook wants to be your portal to the world. It’s where you can connect (in a sense) with others, keep up with current events (through the filters of you and your friends’ personal biases), watch videos (of people doing their versions of videos previously posted by others)… and also order lunch. [More]


4 Characteristics Every Great Vanilla Ice Cream Should Have

When it comes to ice cream, everyone has a favorite flavor. But if you want to become a true ice cream flavor connoisseur, one expert suggests starting with a simple classic – vanilla — and building your tasting skills from there. [More]

Renee Rendler-Kaplan

Report: That Grocery Store Salmon You Bought May Be Subsidizing North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program

It may look like an ordinary package of salmon, but according to a new investigative report, that fish you bought for dinner may actually be funneling money into the pockets of the North Korean government, and possibly supporting less than ideal working conditions for factory workers in the process. [More]

Stacy Spensley

FDA Tells Bakery: “Love” Is Not An Actual Ingredient In Your Granola

To quote Sir James Paul McCartney (CH, MBE), “Can’t buy me love, everybody tells me so / Can’t buy me love, no no no, no.” You also can’t, according to the Food and Drug Administration, list “love” as an actual ingredient in your granola. [More]

Why Does Sonic Drive-In Air Ads In Places Where No Sonic Exists?

Why Does Sonic Drive-In Air Ads In Places Where No Sonic Exists?

If you’ve ever been vegging on the couch and found yourself wondering why you’re watching a commercial for Sonic Drive-In — starring those two vaguely familiar actors — when there’s no Sonic restaurants nearby, you’re not alone. The chain purposely airs nationwide ads even in markets where the nearest Sonic is an hour away. [More]

Mark Turnauckas

Amazon Wants To Deliver That Shake Shack Burger You Don’t Feel Like Getting For Yourself

Not content with its recent push into groceries with the purchase of Whole Foods, Amazon is now expanding its efforts in restaurant delivery with a new partnership that could allow customers to order from chains like Shake Shack, Chipotle, and Applebee’s online. [More]

Mike Mozart

5 Things We Learned About How Aldi Can Compete With Grocery Stores

The battle between Aldi and other grocery chains has been raging for a while now; from the price war with Walmart to earmarking $1.6 billion to upgrade stores to be more Whole Foods-esque. But just how can the relatively small supermarket chain compete with bigger chains and win over customers[More]


General Mills Bringing Back “Vibrant” Trix, Including Artificial Flavors & Colors

Two years ago, General Mills joined other food companies by declaring it would cut artificial flavors and colors from all of its cereals. But some customers actually like those additives, at least in their Trix. To that end: The company is making the ultimate “throwback Thursday” offering by announcing it will once again offer Trix with artificial colors and flavors. [More]


Panera CEO Challenges Fast Food Execs To Eat From Their Kids’ Menus For A week

When it comes to verbal throwdowns, Panera CEO Ron Shaich isn’t shy about expressing how he really feels about the chain’s rivals. Now, he’s challenging fast food executives to eat exclusively from their kids’ menus to prove they really like their own offerings. [More]

How Did This ID Badge End Up In My Jerky?

How Did This ID Badge End Up In My Jerky?

UPDATE Sept. 21: After we published Kim’s story, Oberto reached out to her to apologize for the “negative experience,” and confirmed that the object in question is, in fact, an employee ID badge. Read the entire update here. [More]

Post Strays From Cereal Aisle, Picks Up Bob Evans Packaged Foods For $1.5B

Post Strays From Cereal Aisle, Picks Up Bob Evans Packaged Foods For $1.5B

When it comes to breakfast, Post wants to serve up more than cereal: The company says it’s paying $1.5 B for the Bob Evans packaged food business, partly so it can have a “presence in breakfast sausage.” [More]

Chipotle Ditching Chorizo To Focus On Queso

Chipotle Ditching Chorizo To Focus On Queso

Less than a year after Chipotle added chorizo sausage to its menu, the fast-causal Mexican chain is ditching the protein option and turning its focus toward its new — not entirely loved — queso. [More]

Chipotle Customers Wanted Queso Dip, But Some Hate What They Got

Chipotle Customers Wanted Queso Dip, But Some Hate What They Got

For years, Chipotle fans have looked at their tortilla chips and thought about how much better they could be with a side of hot, gooey queso dip. The fast food company thought it was making that dream a reality… that is, until many customers tried the Chipotle queso and found it wanting. [More]


Less Is More At Chili’s: Chain Cuts Menu By 40%

In a bid to avoid the continuously closing fate of chains like Joe’s Crab Shack, Outback Steakhouse, Bob Evans, and Logan’s Roadhouse, seminal restaurant chain Chili’s is downsizing — its menu, that is. [More]

Chipotle Bringing Drippy, Cheesy Queso To All Restaurants Next Week

Chipotle Bringing Drippy, Cheesy Queso To All Restaurants Next Week

Get your chips ready: Chipotle is taking its queso out off the test track and into all restaurants next week.  [More]


Breaking News: It’s No Longer “Cool” To Eat Brains

Put down that fork! You were probably about to enjoy a delicious plate of steaming hot brains, but we’ve got news: Eating animal organs and entrails has become so normal in restaurants these days, it’s no longer cool to consume brains. [More]