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Family Claims United Airlines Left 12-Year-Old Girl Alone After Flight To Houston

Each year, parents fork over hundreds of dollars to airlines’ unaccompanied minors programs to ensure their children traveling alone by plane make it to their destination safely. While most of these trips go swimmingly, a few don’t. Case in point: an Iowa couple says their 12-year-old daughter was left alone at a Houston airport despite paying extra to ensure she was accompanied at all times. [More]


American Airlines Flight Catches Fire After Aborting Takeoff In Chicago

An American Airlines flight preparing to takeoff from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport blew a tire and caught fire Friday afternoon following a reported engine malfunction.  [More]

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One Airline Now Offers Kid-Free “Quiet Zones” On Flights

For years airlines have toyed with the idea of separating sometimes fussy, loud children from adults on flights, either through flying nanny services or the ever-popular, but seldom instituted “kid-free zones.” Now, one airline is taking the plunge, offering separate “quiet zones” where passengers under the age of 12 aren’t allowed to sit. [More]


Feds Announce Airplane Ban For All Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones

The Department of Transportation, along with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), have officially issued an emergency order to ban all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones from air transportation in the U.S., deeming the devices “forbidden hazardous material.” [More]


Woman’s Lawyer Explains Why Dead Husband’s Entrails Were In Her Checked Baggage

Of all the things one might expect customs officials to find in a traveler’s luggage, preserved intestines might not be your everyday occurrence. That’s why airport workers in Graz, Austria wanted to check in with the police when they found the entrails of a woman’s dead husband in her checked baggage. [More]


Here’s A Big (Updated) List Of The Foods You Can Bring Through Airport Security

Inching your way through airport security is already a stressful and time-consuming process. The last thing you want to worry about is having that snack you packed to enjoy mid-flight thrown in the trash because of seemingly arbitrary rules on what can and can’t be carried through the checkpoint.


Alaska Airlines Testing Flights With Fuel Made From Fermented Corn

Fuel prices may have dropped for airlines in the past year, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for alternative means to power their aircraft. To that end, Alaska Airlines today flew two flights using a biofuel mixture derived from fermented corn.  [More]

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JetBlue Gives Plane Full Of Passengers A Free Flight After Four Babies Cry

A crying child on a flight can be a difficult endeavor for passengers and parents alike. In an attempt to create goodwill between fussy babies and exasperated passengers, JetBlue provided travelers with an unusual incentive on a recent flight: endure the cries and get a free flight.  [More]

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Bill Would Require Airlines Ensure Families With Young Children Sit Together

It’s no secret that traveling with children can be a test of patience for families and other passengers. That’s especially true when the airline of choice can’t ensure that small children are seated with their parents. That could soon be changing, however, as Congress recently voted to add an amendment to the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill that aims to take some of the hassle out of traveling with children.  [More]


FBI: American Airlines Flight Attendant Deliberately Set, Put Out Fire In Plane’s Bathroom

Federal law enforcement officers have arrested an American Airlines flight attendant accusing him of deliberately starting a fire in the plane’s lavatory, and then extinguishing it himself in a supposedly heroic action.  [More]

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It’s Official: No More Smoking E-Cigarettes On Planes

Four months ago, the Department of Transportation banned e-cigs from being checked in baggage after a couple dozen fires and explosions. Now, the agency is taking another step toward safety by actually banning the devices from being used during flights. [More]

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United Airlines Creates “Essentials,” “Enhanced” Bundles For Extra Legroom, Checked Bags

In a day and age when it seems as if you can bundle just about anything from cable, Internet, and phone service to those little extras you’re charged during a hotel stay. So it makes sense that airlines would also offer the same options for customers looking for extra legroom or an additional checked bag.  [More]

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Delta No Longer Allowing Large Animals To Be Flown As Checked Baggage

Flying your favorite furry friend on Delta Air Lines is about to get a little less convenient, and more expensive, starting next year, as the carrier announced that it will no longer allow travelers to ferry their pets from one place to another as checked baggage.  [More]


Dynamic Airways Plane Catches Fire On Florida Runway

Seven people were injured and three taken to the hospital after an airplane caught fire on a Florida runway Thursday afternoon. The incident marks the third time in two months that an aircraft has caught fire before takeoff.  [More]

Alaska Airlines Suffers Technical Glitch, Delays Nearly Two Dozen Flights

Alaska Airlines Suffers Technical Glitch, Delays Nearly Two Dozen Flights

UPDATE: Alaska Airlines says the computer issue that delayed about 20 flights late Wednesday and early Thursday has been resolved. All of the carrier’s flights are back to normal and no residual delays are expected.  [More]

Feds Once Again Increase Scrutiny Of Allegiant Airlines After Repairs For Unsecured Bolts

Feds Once Again Increase Scrutiny Of Allegiant Airlines After Repairs For Unsecured Bolts

When an Allegiant Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Peoria was speeding down the runway and the nose lifted too soon, pilots aborted the takeoff. That August incident – in which a bolt was found to be insecure – led the budget carrier to inspect all of its aircraft. While the company deemed its planes were in working order, a new report suggests that might not be the case.  [More]

American Airlines Flight Diverted Because Of Yet Another Unruly Passenger

American Airlines Flight Diverted Because Of Yet Another Unruly Passenger

Unfortunately, reports of unruly passengers diverting flights has become somewhat of an unwelcome norm recently. The trend continued on Tuesday when an American Airlines flight made an unexpected landing after one traveler became disruptive, threatened crew members, and had to be restrained.  [More]

Expedia Launches “Upgrade Options” Tool To Show Airlines’ Hidden Fees

Expedia Launches “Upgrade Options” Tool To Show Airlines’ Hidden Fees

While most consumers know that airlines tack on fees for checked baggage, more leg room, and reservation changes, among other things, it can be difficult to gauge how much those “extras” will add up to when booking your trip on a third-party site. In an effort to be more upfront with customers, Expedia says it will now disclose airline fees right on its website.  [More]