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Uber’s Flying Taxis Could Take To The Skies By 2020

If Uber has its way, in a few short years you’ll be able to hail a flying taxi: During a conference this week for its Uber Elevate project, the company and its partner said they’re planning to get their new aircraft into the sky by 2020. [More]

Uber Elevate

Uber Brings In NASA Engineer To Make Flying Cars A Reality

If Uber ever wants to get its on-demand flying car service off the ground (pun definitely intended), it’s going to need some of the best brains in the business. That’s why the ride-hailing company is bringing in a NASA engineer with 30 years of experience at the agency to make the aerial service a reality. [More]

Airbus CEO: Flying Car Prototype Will Be In The Air By The End Of The Year

Airbus CEO: Flying Car Prototype Will Be In The Air By The End Of The Year

Ever since TV viewers first met George Jetson (his boy Elroy; daughter Judy; Jane, his wife) we’ve been fantasizing about zooming around in our very own personal flying cars. While many companies have made strides in that general direction, we have yet to see a true Jetsonian vehicle. Now, Airbus’ CEO thinks he can bring us even closer to our dreams: he expects the company to complete a self-piloted flying car prototype by the end of the year. [More]

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Uber Has Plans For An On-Demand Flying Car Service

Every time some company comes up with an idea that’s sort of like a flying car, we have to ask, “Yeah, but what about living like The Jetsons?” Uber has apparently been thinking about this too, announcing that it’s been working on a flying car project. [More]

This could be it, guys.

We’re Never Going To Stop Getting Excited About Flying Car News Until We’re All Flying One

It’s 2013. I’m supposed to be riding in a flying car. You are, too. That was the promise we absorbed as children, our imaginations stoked by sci-fi stories, The Jetsons and Marty McFly in Back to the Future Part II. We aren’t in flying cars yet, however, which is why every scrap of news related to them is another ray of childish hope. The latest news has those rays flying around in abundance. [More]