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Stuck With Offensive Movies No More: Ultraviolet Will Let Consumers Delete Content

Last March, a reader contacted us about a free movie automatically added to his Flixster account that he didn’t even want to look at. He didn’t ask for the movie or download it on purpose, and he wanted it to go away. For some baffling reason, this was not possible.  [More]


Flixster Gives Me Free Movie I Find Offensive, Provides No Way To Delete It

When Thomas buys films on DVD or Blu-Ray, they often come with an Ultraviolet digital download code that viewers can use on a variety of digital platforms. He keeps them on a Flixster account, which lets him stream movies wherever he happens to be. He’s about to delete this account. Why? It’s a great service, and something he doesn’t have to pay extra for, but they granted him a free movie that he hates seeing in his account. [More]