Flatter Your Favorite Brands For Coupons

Flatter Your Favorite Brands For Coupons

Faye over at “The Dollar Stretcher” doesn’t wait for desirable coupons to appear in the weekly circular. She writes directly to her favorite brands asking for coupons. The results are surprising.

Since September, I have been sending emails and making toll-free phone calls to manufacturers who make the products we like. The email I send is nearly the same for each company. First, I let them know how much our family likes their product. Then I mention that I am a stay-at-home mom who needs to stick to a budget. Next, I politely ask if they have any coupons available. Finally, I thank them again for such a great product. Here are the results of my little coupon request experiment:

Sensible Words About Rebates

Rebates are a huge point of controversy. We tend to be against them because they are designed to screw you, the consumer, out of money. However, some people have a lot of luck with rebates and we don’t want to completely leave them out, so we’re going to link to Wise Bread, where there is a well-reasoned and realistic guide to rebating. Just keep in mind that if you are forgetful like some of us, rebates are your enemy. Mortal enemy. Nemesis. The Darth to your Luke. The Wicked Witch to your Dorothy.