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Flappy Bird Is Now A Real-Life Arcade Game

Flappy Bird Is Now A Real-Life Arcade Game

We’re fascinated with the saga of “Flappy Bird” here at Consumerist, mostly because of the creator’s reaction to the success of his infuriatingly simple game. He yanked it from app marketplaces even though it was raking in ad money, then put it back after the fad had faded a bit. Wouldn’t you rather pump quarters into a dedicated Flappy Bird game cabinet? [More]

Flappy Bird Will Flap Again In August

Flappy Bird Will Flap Again In August

In the winter of 2013/2014, mobile phone users all over the world kept one finger glued to their screens as they played the deceptively simple and completely infuriating game “Flappy Bird.” Creator Dong Nguyen pulled the game from app marketplaces when the attention and fame was too much, but told CNBC yesterday that a different form of the game will come back in August. [More]

Adios, little buddy.

Your Addiction To Playing ‘Flappy Bird’ Is The Reason It’s Gone Forever

Eyes glazed, staring at the screen, a tiny pearl of drool juuust forming at the crease of a slack-jawed mouth… The Flappy Bird addicts out there (and you know who you are) only have themselves to blame for the game vanishing from app stores, says its developer. [More]


Too Much Of A Good Thing? ‘Flappy Bird’ Developer Pulls Game After Surge Of Success

Anyone who’s ever eaten an entire cake in one sitting knows that yes, it is possible for there to be too much of a good thing. And that goes for inedible things as well: The sudden success of mobile game Flappy Bird appears to have been too overwhelming for its developer, who pulled the mega popular game from app stores yesterday say he just “cannot take this anymore.” [More]