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Americans Losing Taste For Artificial Sweeteners, Pepsi Retakes #2 Sales Spot

Recently released data about the beverage industry tells us some interesting things. Plain old high fructose corn syrup-laden Coke is the top-selling soda in the United States, but its calorie-free cousin has to give up its silver medal: Regular Pepsi is now the #2 seller out of all fizzy non-alcoholic drinks, following an overall trend against diet sodas. [More]

Whew: Coke Products Return To Costco On Monday

Whew: Coke Products Return To Costco On Monday

The nightmare is over for Americans who use warehouse club Costco to fuel their copious Coke habits. The retailer and Coca-Cola have settled their price differences, and Coca-Cola beverages will return to Costco stores on Monday. [More]