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Samsung Unsure Why Galaxy Note 7 Catches Fire, But Sends Fireproof Boxes For Returns

The end of the line came for Samsung’s fiery (literally) Galaxy Note 7 phone this week. The company has killed off the phone for good, but there are still several million of them out there worldwide, in warehouses, stores’ back rooms, and consumers’ hands, and getting them back safely is an… interesting logistical challenge. [More]


Replacement, Supposedly Non-Flammable Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Catches Fire On Plane

We’ve heard from dozens and dozens of readers who have had trouble exchanging their defective Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones since the recall became official. Consumers who do get their hands on new phones, though, are supposed to be able to trust that those units are safe — or at least, as safe as any other new phone — and are not going to catch fire while in use. [More]

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Walmart Worker Accused Of Setting Multiple Fires Inside The Same Store

Things got a bit heated at a Walmart in Massachusetts recently, after a employee allegedly set three fires inside the store. [More]

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Crushed Electronic Gadget Caused Fire On Qantas Flight

Discussion of the now-recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its occasionally exploding batteries had an interesting side effect: it brought the problem of lithium-ion battery fires, even those caused by non-Samsung devices, back to the headlines. Like the device that was crushed inside the seat mechanism and caught fire during a recent flight from Los Angeles to New York. [More]

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Paramedic Claims His Samsung Galaxy S6 Exploded While Charging

While the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is making headlines after reports of explosions and fires, owners of some earlier generation Galaxy devices say they’ve had similar experiences — like the Massachusetts paramedic who claims that his S6 Active exploded while it was plugged in.  [More]

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Gap Shoppers Buying Online May Wait Longer For Orders After Warehouse Fire In NY

A rough year for Gap Inc and some of its brands — Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic — just got rougher: A fire that tore through a major distribution warehouse for the retailer earlier this week means that customers in a busy region are going to have to wait longer than usual to get their hands on the stuff they paid for.



Tesla Model S Engulfed In Flames During Worst Test Drive Ever

You might remember a few years ago that after three Tesla Model S sedans caught fire, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stepped in and opened an investigation into the series of fires, and Tesla made changes to the vehicles based on what happened. Now another fire has happened in France. [More]

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The Police & Fire Departments Would Appreciate It If You Didn’t Call 911 About Pokémon Go

Typically, most people try to avoid a trip to the local police or fire station, except apparently Pokémon Go players.  [More]

Payless Pulls Light-Up Sneakers After Report Of Pair Catching On Fire

Payless Pulls Light-Up Sneakers After Report Of Pair Catching On Fire

If you’re planning to shop for a pair of boys light-up shoes you might want to skip Payless ShoeSource, as the retailer has pulled the footwear while fire officials in Texas investigate a fire that may be linked to the sneakers.  [More]

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Volkswagen Recalls 91,000 Diesel-Engine Passats Over Fire Concerns

Volkswagen’s diesel-engine vehicles haven’t exactly had a great few months, what with federal regulators finding that 500,000 of the vehicles contain “defeat devices” that cheat emission standards. Issues for the cars continued this week as the carmaker announced it would recall 91,000 Passat TDI sedans over fire concerns.  [More]

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Toshiba Recalls 91,000 Laptops Over Fire Hazard

What’s worse than sitting down with your laptop only to have the hot computer burn your legs? When that laptop catches on fire. And that’s why Toshiba is recalling the laptop battery packs used in 39 of its computer models.

Alaska Airlines, Feds, & Apple Investigating After iPhone 6 Catches Fire Midair

Alaska Airlines, Feds, & Apple Investigating After iPhone 6 Catches Fire Midair

Last week, a Delta Air Lines flight was delayed after an e-cigarette ignited itself in a passengers’ carry-on bag. Days later, an Alaska Airlines flight experienced a similarly explosive situation when the iPhone 6 of one traveler allegedly burst into flames midair.  [More]


FBI: American Airlines Flight Attendant Deliberately Set, Put Out Fire In Plane’s Bathroom

Federal law enforcement officers have arrested an American Airlines flight attendant accusing him of deliberately starting a fire in the plane’s lavatory, and then extinguishing it himself in a supposedly heroic action.  [More]

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No Passengers Injured When Megabus Catches Fire, Explodes Outside Of Chicago

In September 2010, a Megabus en route to Chicago burst into flames. History appeared to repeat itself Sunday, when another of the company’s discount travel buses caught fire in a suburb of the Windy City. Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident, but passengers say they lost hundreds of dollars in possessions.  [More]


Walmart Employee Drags Unconscious Woman From Her Burning Car

When employees of a Pennsylvania Walmart learned that there was a car on fire in the parking lot early in the morning on New Year’s Day, they didn’t sit around, stare into space, and wait for the fire department to show up. An overnight employee ran outside with a fire extinguisher to put out the blaze… and that’s when he noticed an unconscious woman inside the locked vehicle. [More]

Multiple McDonald’s Locations Forced To Close After Prank Callers Convince Workers To Test Fire System

Multiple McDonald’s Locations Forced To Close After Prank Callers Convince Workers To Test Fire System

When I think of prank calls, I conjure up images of teenage girls huddled around their clear plastic phones, calling boys in their class and hanging up. You know, harmless fun. But sometimes prank calls can turn into something bigger, and even potentially dangerous: three McDonald’s restaurants in Oregon shut down over the weekend after a caller convinced employees to activate fire suppression systems, spewing chemicals over kitchen appliances. [More]

Family Claims “Hoverboard” Scooter Exploded, Burned Down House

Family Claims “Hoverboard” Scooter Exploded, Burned Down House

You’ve probably seen all the videos on Facebook, Vine, and YouTube of people cruising around on “hoverboard” scooters (that don’t actually hover at all, in spite of the nickname). While the product might be a hot item for the holidays, one Louisiana family says their not-actually-a-hoverboard caused a fire that burned down their home. [More]


Dynamic Airways Plane Catches Fire On Florida Runway

Seven people were injured and three taken to the hospital after an airplane caught fire on a Florida runway Thursday afternoon. The incident marks the third time in two months that an aircraft has caught fire before takeoff.  [More]