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Proposed Rules Target Fees Collected By Retirement Financial Advisers, Brokers

When visiting a financial adviser for consultation about retirement savings one might assume those counselors have their best interests in mind. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. To better ensure consultants are working for consumers and not for fees, the Labor Department will propose new rules to increase standards for brokers who recommend investments for retirement accounts. [More]

Index Funds Vs Fees Behind The Financial Advisers Curtain

Index Funds Vs Fees Behind The Financial Advisers Curtain

Guide to Transparent Investing” is a 53 page PDF about how financial advisers are ripoffs and you can do all your investing by putting your money in index funds. The basic principles they promote are to figure out how long you want to invest for, pick a portfolio based on your timeline and risk tolerance, and put the money in index funds. Set it, forget it, and spend more time doing the important things in life, like gardening and getting your scuba diving certification.