Today Is The Biggest Shipping Day Of The Year

Today Is The Biggest Shipping Day Of The Year

Today is it: traditionally, December 15 is the highest-volume shipping and mailing day of the entire year. The U.S. Postal Service will process 640 million cards, letters, postcards, periodicals, catalogs, and packages today alone. FedEx is doing its part, processing 22.6 million packages today. UPS says that its busiest day will be next Monday, as people try to get last-minute Christmas gifts to their destinations. [More]


Group Representing U.S. Airlines Sues To Block Planned Seattle Airport Workers’ Wage Increases

An airline group, representing six major airlines and parcel services, filed a lawsuit aiming to block the Port of Seattle from implementing a pay increase that would make Seattle-Tacoma airport workers some of the highest paid in the country. [More]

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FedEx Delivery Mistake Leads To Huge Drug Bust

If my neighbor accidentally gets my FedEx or UPS package, the worst that could happen is they find out about my pedestrian reading tastes or that I might order too many video games. Then again, no one is shipping me parcels full of illegal drugs. [More]

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UPS Asks Retailers To Hold Holiday Sales Earlier, Avoid Ruining Christmas Again

Between bad weather and a surge in last-minute deliveries, the 2013 holiday season was a bit of a disaster for UPS. Some folks were left handing out apologies and rain checks at Christmas because the gifts they’d intended to give were still en route. This year, the shipper is asking retailers to help everyone avoid a repeat underwhelming performance. [More]

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FedEx Indicted For Shipping Drugs For Illegal Pharmacies; Denies Allegations

More than a year after UPS agreed to pay $40 million to settle federal charges that it knowingly made shipments for illegal online pharmacies, a federal grand jury has indicted FedEx for similar allegations. [More]

UPS Follows FedEx, Will Start Charging Based On Package Size

UPS Follows FedEx, Will Start Charging Based On Package Size

When FedEx announced in early May that it would soon begin using both weight and size when determining how much to charge for delivering a parcel, we predicted that UPS would follow suit. Amazingly, Big Brown was able to hold off for an entire month before deciding it also needs to take a package’s dimensions into account for ground shipping. [More]

FedEx To Start Charging By Package Size

FedEx To Start Charging By Package Size

Currently, shipping companies like FedEx and UPS only take a package’s size into account when it passes certain dimensional thresholds, but it looks like FedEx will soon start using package size and weight to determine shipping rates for all packages. [More]

Amazon Testing A Delivery Service Of Its Own

Amazon Testing A Delivery Service Of Its Own

How many times have you gotten a shipping alert from Amazon and groaned when because the delivery service selected by Amazon has a history of late deliveries, or of mishandling packages, or of packages that vanish into the ether? Now Amazon is reportedly testing a system in San Francisco that takes the middle man out of the equation. [More]

These Dogs Are Totally Amused By FedEx Guy Chasing After His Runaway Truck

These Dogs Are Totally Amused By FedEx Guy Chasing After His Runaway Truck

There are so many great things going on in this home surveillance video featuring a FedEx guy frantically chasing after his truck that I’m having a hard time believing such a perfect set-up. Are we getting Punk’d? Is that still a thing? Why not just leave the “e” in the word? [More]

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Stranger Runs Up $856 On My FedEx Account, FedEx Won’t Help

William used his FedEx account to send a package. It only weighed a few pounds and wasn’t going far, and it cost him $13.75. They charged his credit card: all done. Then charges of hundreds of dollars from FedEx started hitting his card, and he had no idea where they came from. What was happening? [More]


UPS Driver Forced To Take Shelter Behind FedEx Truck In Midst Of Angry Turkey Attack

I imagine the rivalry between UPS and FedEx drivers to be some kind of Mad Max road rage, with dueling drivers trying to run each other down on the mean streets. But when a UPS driver was faced with a grumpy turkey he didn’t even hesitate to run for the shelter of a nearby FedEx truck. And of course, someone caught it all on camera. [More]

Check Out The Arm On The FedEx Guy Tossing A Package 20 Feet Onto A Customer’s Porch

Check Out The Arm On The FedEx Guy Tossing A Package 20 Feet Onto A Customer’s Porch

Baseball. Football. Cricket. Trench warfare. All of those things are occasions where being able to lob something at a target from a long distance is a good skill to have. But using that good arm to chuck Fedex deliveries onto a customer’s porch from 20 feet away will not garner praise, especially when you’re (allegedly) caught on camera doing just that. [More]


That’s Not Santa At The Door On Christmas Day: It’s FedEx

There were probably a lot of printed-out photos standing in for gifts under Christmas trees across the country. A combination of huge last-minute demand, retailers’ promises of Christmas delivery, and bad weather meant that many gifts that were supposed to arrive on the last business day before Christmas didn’t. Lots of people were disappointed. Joseph was one of them. Then…there was a modern miracle. [More]


You’ve Got A 1-In-10 Chance Of Receiving A Mangled Package This Holiday Season

In the next few weeks, a lot of us will be ordering items online — whether for ourselves or for others — and having them shipped somewhere, hoping beyond hope that these parcels don’t get lost, stolen, drop-kicked, or run through a Blendtec just to see what happens. A recent study of packages received from e-commerce sites finds that you shouldn’t be terribly shocked if the box shows up looking worse for wear. [More]

Package-Chucking FedEx Workers Caught On Viral Video Fired

Package-Chucking FedEx Workers Caught On Viral Video Fired

Welcome to the modern surveillance state. Everywhere you go, there are countless hidden devices that could be spying on you, ready to splash your image and actions in front of millions for public ridicule. We mean smartphones, of course. One New York City-area FedEx driver learned this the hard way when a motorist filmed her hurling packages into a truck, and she lost her job. [More]

FedEx Employee Flings Packages Onto Truck, Gets Caught On Film

It’s really sad when a person can’t even hurl packages ten at a time into her FedEx truck without some muckraking jerk filming her on their cell phone. “We pick up and deliver millions of packages in a professional manner each year, and the actions in this video do not reflect our professional expectations,” FedEx told Gothamist in a statement. They claim to have disciplined the employee and her managers. (Thanks, Dov!) [More]

When You Receive 11 Pounds Of Marijuana You Didn’t Order, You Should Probably Tell Someone

When You Receive 11 Pounds Of Marijuana You Didn’t Order, You Should Probably Tell Someone

We’ve gone over this in the past: if you receive a package in the mail that you didn’t order, it’s yours to keep. You’re under no obligation to send it back or to pay for it. Things are a little different, though, when you receive something illegal on your doorstep. Say, eleven pounds of marijuana. [More]


Without An Address, FedEx Still Tracks Me Down In Tokyo

Jeff is an American who currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is a dense and baffling city, and his bank, USAA, created a huge problem when they sent him a check using FedEx but sort of forgot to include his street address. In a city of millions and in a neighborhood of 300,000, FedEx’s challenge was to find one foreign dude. They could have just sent the envelope back to USAA. Instead, they accepted the challenge and got the package to Jeff before the original delivery estimate was up. [More]