Stuck-In-The-Mud FedEx Truck Ruins Front Yard, Company Shrugs

Stuck-In-The-Mud FedEx Truck Ruins Front Yard, Company Shrugs

If a company worth $36 billion ruins your front yard, you’d hope it would have the decency to scrounge up some pocket change to make things right — or at least have the common courtesy to explain why it wasn’t doing anything to repair the damage. [More]

Man Orders Kindle, Receives Someone’s Tumor Instead

Man Orders Kindle, Receives Someone’s Tumor Instead

Two important packages traveled the United Kingdom via FedEx recently, but one was arguably more replaceable and less important than the other. One package contained a Kindle headed for a residential address in Bristol, and the other contained part of a tumor bound for a hospital in London, about 120 miles away. The Amazon customer who found a tumor instead of an e-reader was understandably rather confused. [More]


Bad Weather And High Package Volume Meant Late Deliveries For FedEx

Americans ordered what FedEx is calling an unprecedented amount of merchandise online this holiday season, especially at the last minute. They’re blaming that growing habit and weather problems for the delay of some packages, which resulted in some employees working as real-life Santas on Christmas Day to clear the backlog and make sure that as many packages as possible reached their destination by the holiday. [More]


Beware: Delivery Scams Are The Grinch Of The Holiday Season

With just days remaining before Christmas, you might be impatiently waiting for a few last deliveries to show up at your door. While those deliveries might be a sight for sore eyes, there’s another – of the scammy kind – that you should be on the look out for.  [More]

Want Your Package To Make It Under The Tree? You Better Get Shipping Soon

Want Your Package To Make It Under The Tree? You Better Get Shipping Soon

The busiest shipping and mailing day of the year is upon us, with the U.S. Postal Service expecting to process more than 600 million cards, letters, postcards, periodicals, catalogs, and packages today alone. Gift givers who have already sent off their goodies shouldn’t encounter too many issues with their packages making it on time, but for the rest of us procrastinators, we might want to head to the post office, UPS or FedEx store sooner rather than later.  [More]

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Here’s Why Costco And Whole Foods Made Consumer Reports’ 2015 Naughty List

Every year, Santa Claus makes a master list of which children have been naughty or nice in the preceding year, and rewards them accordingly. Our sibling publication, Consumer Reports, makes its own list of judgement, deciding whether companies, not individuals, have behaved themselves in the past year. The list isn’t an overall evaluation of the company’s products or practices, but a way to call out out specific examples of admirable or deplorable behavior from the last year. [More]


FedEx Expects To Handle A Record 317 Million Packages Between Black Friday And Christmas

As consumers continue to rely on online retailers to fill their holiday shopping needs, FedEx says this year will be busier than ever before: between Black Friday and Christmas, the company says it expects to handle 317 million packages. Which is a pretty impressive number — but what’s FedEx going to do to make sure those packages actually reach their destinations in time? [More]

Amazon Planning To Hire 100,000 Temporary Workers This Holiday Season

Amazon Planning To Hire 100,000 Temporary Workers This Holiday Season

While Amazon continues to deflect criticism of its workplace culture, the retailer announced plans to nearly double its workforce this holiday season: adding 100,000 temporary workers to its roster. [More]

FedEx & UPS Sticking With High Fuel Surcharges Even As Gas Prices Drop

FedEx & UPS Sticking With High Fuel Surcharges Even As Gas Prices Drop

Even as prices for both diesel gasoline and jet fuel have dropped, the country’s two largest parcel shippers have remained steadfast in maintaining surcharges that will make it more expensive for businesses to fulfill online orders this holiday season. [More]

FedEx Increasing Some Shipping Rates Just In Time For The Holiday Season

FedEx Increasing Some Shipping Rates Just In Time For The Holiday Season

People gearing up to ship extra-large packages this holiday season might want to save a few more pennies (or think about buying smaller gifts) before heading to the FedEx store, as the shipping company says it will be increasing some rates starting November 2. [More]

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Should The USPS Open Up Mailboxes To All Kinds Of Deliveries?

What are mailboxes? What are they used for, and what should they be used for? In the delivery biz now, companies are wondering what goes in our mailboxes, what a mailbox should be, and who should be allowed to have access to them. Now, only you and your mail carrier are legally allowed to use your mailbox. Should that change? Should package delivery companies have access? What about grocery deliveries? What about your dry cleaning? [More]

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FedEx Driver Figures He Might As Well Shoot Some Hoops In Home’s Driveway

Attention, delivery drivers: Though you might think it’s a good time to work on your basketball skills when customers aren’t home, they could be waiting just behind the curtains, ready to catch you in action and giggle as you miss most of those shots. [More]


New York Seeking $180M In Lawsuit Accusing UPS Of Shipping Untaxed Cigarettes

A new lawsuit filed by the state of New York and New York City is accusing United Parcel Service of shipping more than 136 million contrabands cigarettes across the state in the last five years. Those smokes are worth a lot of tax dollars — about $5 million for NYC and $30 million for the state — and as such, the lawsuit is seeking $180 million in damages and penalties. [More]


Would You Be Willing To Pay More To Choose Who Delivers Your Amazon Orders?

If you’ve ever been expecting a package only to find that the delivery person reports leaving a notice (which may or may not have happened) or “attempted delivery” (again, sometimes without actually doing so), you’re not alone. We’ve heard from many readers over the years and experienced it ourselves. So why can’t Amazon Prime members choose their preferred delivery service? [More]


Dogs Taken By FedEx Driver Returned To Owners; Driver Suspended

On Thursday we told you about the Houston family who claimed that home security footage shows a FedEx delivery driver stealing their two dogs. While the matter is still being investigated, there is good news to report — the puppies are back home where they belong. [More]

From the video in the Facebook post that alleges a FedEx driver stole a woman's two puppies.

Texas Woman Claims FedEx Driver Stole Her Two Dogs

UPDATE: The dogs have been found and returned to the family. FedEx says the driver, a contract employee, will not be working for the company pending the outcome of an investigation. [More]

Report: Shipping Carriers Got 98% Of Express Packages Under Christmas Trees On Time

Report: Shipping Carriers Got 98% Of Express Packages Under Christmas Trees On Time

Shipping carriers and retailers alike worked very hard to make sure that this Christmas wasn’t a repeat of the shipping-delay disaster that was Christmas 2013. While the lack of blizzards was helpful, their investments paid off: early reports show that most packages reached their destinations on time. [More]

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Verizon Customer Gets Police Involved After Phone Disappears Into FedEx Vortex

So Verizon sends you a new phone worth hundreds of dollars. FedEx claims it was delivered and that you signed for it, though that’s impossible because you were miles away from home when the delivery allegedly occurred. Neither company will do anything about the issue and both blame you. What’s a decent human being to do? [More]