Scammers Buy Stuff With Your Card, Then Trick You Into ‘Returning’ Items To Them

Scammers Buy Stuff With Your Card, Then Trick You Into ‘Returning’ Items To Them

Because there is apparently no limit to the amount of effort someone will put in to being dishonest, scammers are constantly evolving their tricks. For example, it’s no longer enough for someone to just steal your credit card number to go on a shopping spree. Now they have to involve you, by tricking you into actually shipping the fraudulent purchase on to them. [More]


Man Burglarizes FedEx Truck In Chicago, Ditches Getaway Car With Baby Inside

The string of robberies and burglaries of delivery vehicles in Chicago continues this week, with the latest theft happening to a FedEx truck. Police say that the suspect broke into the truck, took packages, and then abandoned his own vehicle with a 1-year-old child inside when the cops were after him. [More]

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FedEx Customers Will Be Able To Drop Off, Pick Up Packages At Walgreens Stores

We’ve all seen what can happen when a package is left out in the open or otherwise unattended, but not everyone can be home during the day, live in a doorman building, or have their stuff delivered to an office. Also? Some carriers just hate coming to your house. In an effort to solve these problems, FedEx and Walgreens announced plans to put delivery lockers in as thousands of Walgreens stores by the end of next year. [More]


Store Says FedEx Allowed Homeless Man To Sign For Delivery He Then Stole

It’s always upsetting when someone steals your packages after they’ve been delivered, but it’s even more of a bummer when the company doing the deliveries apparently puts that package into the hands of the thief. A California shop is pretty steamed at FedEx, claiming the carrier allowed a homeless man to sign for its packages, which have now gone missing. [More]

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UPS, FedEx Already Struggling Under Avalanche Of Holiday Deliveries

One might think that after years of online shopping growing in popularity that major shipping carriers would finally be prepared for the Big Show, also known as the holiday season. And yet here we are again, heading into crunch time, and UPS and FedEx are having trouble keeping up with all those packages. [More]

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Monday Projected To Be A Record Day For Online Shippers

In news that will surprise absolutely no one, the major package carriers, UPS and FedEx, expect to handle record numbers of packages this holiday seasons. As Americans shift more of our holiday shopping — and more of our shopping in general — online, that makes this Monday particularly important for retailers. [More]

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Amazon May Or May Not Be Trying To Overtake UPS And FedEx

When you see a UPS or FedEx truck in your neighborhood on a weekday, or a U.S. Postal Service truck on a Sunday, they’re probably there with some kind of delivery from an online retailer, and that retailer is likely to be Amazon. As more of our everyday shopping happens online, someone will need to bring those items to our doorsteps, but it may not necessarily be the carriers we’re used to. [More]


FedEx To Finally Settle Decade-Old Employee Misclassification Lawsuits

Back in 2005, FedEx drivers filed the first of many misclassification lawsuits by drivers for that company. Now, as a whole new generation of employers is being accused of misclassifying their workers, the delivery company has proposed a settlement with its former independent contractor drivers. The lawsuits were combined in a single case in Indiana, and involved 12,000 drivers from 20 states. [More]

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Prosecutors: FedEx “Should Be Treated Just Like Any Other Drug Courier”

Two years after federal prosecutors charged FedEx with being criminally complicit in the transporting of illegal drugs from online pharmacies, the case is finally going to trial. In this morning’s opening statements, lawyers for the Justice Department urged the court to not be swayed by the famous brand name on the side of the planes. [More]


FedEx & eBay Want To Help You Sell Your Unwanted Stuff (For A Cut, Of Course)

The next time you clean out your closet and collect a pile of unwanted smartphones, unused tennis racquets and dusty golf clubs, and old handbags you never take out anymore, you could consider selling that clutter online, without even having to pack it up and post it for sale — if you don’t mind handing some of the profits off to FedEx and eBay. [More]

Collectibles Seller Films FedEx Worker Flinging Packages Around

Collectibles Seller Films FedEx Worker Flinging Packages Around

When a Long Island collectibles seller heard reports from customers that items were arriving damaged, he became a one-man investigative reporting team and decided to watch workers in action at the local FedEx store. He was surprised to watch an employee picking up packages and flinging them onto a truck. Yes, even packages labeled “fragile.” [More]

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FedEx Employee Falls Asleep Loading Plane In Tennessee, Ends Up In Texas

Falling asleep on the job is a big no-no. It can end with a reprimand — or worse, a firing — but for one FedEx employee, an on-the-job catnap earned him a flight to Texas. [More]

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Free Shipping Not Actually Zero-Cost Or Zero Effort, And FedEx Wants Retailers To Pay Their Share

We’re nearly two decades now into the e-commerce era. Shop everywhere! Shop from your phone. Shop from your tablet. Shop (during your breaks, of course) from your work computer. But all that online shopping shares one thing in common: unless 3D printers become a lot more like Star Trek‘s replicators, and a lot more affordable, all those goods ordered in the cloud have to get to actual consumers on good, old-fashioned planes, trains, and trucks.


Stuck-In-The-Mud FedEx Truck Ruins Front Yard, Company Shrugs

Stuck-In-The-Mud FedEx Truck Ruins Front Yard, Company Shrugs

If a company worth $36 billion ruins your front yard, you’d hope it would have the decency to scrounge up some pocket change to make things right — or at least have the common courtesy to explain why it wasn’t doing anything to repair the damage. [More]

Man Orders Kindle, Receives Someone’s Tumor Instead

Man Orders Kindle, Receives Someone’s Tumor Instead

Two important packages traveled the United Kingdom via FedEx recently, but one was arguably more replaceable and less important than the other. One package contained a Kindle headed for a residential address in Bristol, and the other contained part of a tumor bound for a hospital in London, about 120 miles away. The Amazon customer who found a tumor instead of an e-reader was understandably rather confused. [More]


Bad Weather And High Package Volume Meant Late Deliveries For FedEx

Americans ordered what FedEx is calling an unprecedented amount of merchandise online this holiday season, especially at the last minute. They’re blaming that growing habit and weather problems for the delay of some packages, which resulted in some employees working as real-life Santas on Christmas Day to clear the backlog and make sure that as many packages as possible reached their destination by the holiday. [More]


Beware: Delivery Scams Are The Grinch Of The Holiday Season

With just days remaining before Christmas, you might be impatiently waiting for a few last deliveries to show up at your door. While those deliveries might be a sight for sore eyes, there’s another – of the scammy kind – that you should be on the look out for.  [More]

Want Your Package To Make It Under The Tree? You Better Get Shipping Soon

Want Your Package To Make It Under The Tree? You Better Get Shipping Soon

The busiest shipping and mailing day of the year is upon us, with the U.S. Postal Service expecting to process more than 600 million cards, letters, postcards, periodicals, catalogs, and packages today alone. Gift givers who have already sent off their goodies shouldn’t encounter too many issues with their packages making it on time, but for the rest of us procrastinators, we might want to head to the post office, UPS or FedEx store sooner rather than later.  [More]