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Federal Student Loan Customer Service In Need Of “Significant” Improvements

Last year, the Department of Education issued more than $96 billion in federal student loans to more than 9.1 million college students. Someday in the future these borrowers will begin repaying these debts, but a new report finds that limitations and a disconnect between the federal government and its contracted loan servicers can make this a daunting and sometimes costly task.  [More]

Military Personnel Face Student Loan Issues Despite Required Protections

Military Personnel Face Student Loan Issues Despite Required Protections

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) provides a number of protections for military personnel and their families when it comes to private and federal student loans. While these benefits aim to alleviate the burden servicemembers face when paying back their educational debts, a new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shows that many student loan servicers continuously fail to uphold their end of the SCRA requirements.  [More]


Senator Calls For Investigation Into Three For-Profit College Chains, Restrictions On Future Campus Sales

The struggle to protect students from potentially harmful for-profit college chains continued today as Illinois Senator Dick Durbin urged the Department of Education to investigate the business practices of three of the country’s largest propriety education companies – ITT Educational Services, Career Education Corporation, and Education Management Corporation. [More]

Bank Allows Federal Student Loan Borrowers To Refinance At Lower Rates, Convert To Private Loans

Bank Allows Federal Student Loan Borrowers To Refinance At Lower Rates, Convert To Private Loans

While we continue to wait for the Senate to take up a bill that would make it possible for borrowers to refinance private and federal student, one bank is taking matters into its own hands. Citizens Financial Group announced today that it would begin accepting applications from both parents and students to refinance loans at possibly lower rates. [More]

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Your Corinthian-Operated School Is Closing, But You Might Not Be Completely Screwed

It’s not everyday that a higher education institution shuts down or announces it might be sold. But for the thousands of students attending Corinthian College Inc. (CCI) schools — like Everest University, WyoTech, or Heald College –– that’s their new reality, and it’s one that leaves more questions than answers. [More]