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Those Updated Nutrition Labels On All Your Packaged Food Are Finally Happening

It’s something most of us learned to do decades ago: you see an inviting package on the supermarket shelf. You pick it up, have a look at the front to see if you might like that flavor, and then flip it over to stare intently at the familiar white nutrition label on the back. Well now, finally, after much hemming and hawing, those nutrition labels are getting an overdue upgrade.


Lawsuit Accuses Cheez-It Of Falsely Advertising “Whole Grain” Crackers

What does it mean for a food to be labeled “whole grain”? Even if there is no official standard for that term, do you expect that a whole grain version of a product would be healthier than the original? [More]

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Stroll around your favorite supermarket and you’ll see a cornucopia of deadlines stamped and printed on your food. That carton of milk says “Sell By,” the box of mac and cheese says “Best Before,” and the jar of horseradish has a “Use By,” none of which are official or necessarily an indicator of safety or quality, resulting in millions of pounds of food being wasted every year based on sometimes arbitrary dates. New legislation coming this week in both the House and Senate hopes to clear up the confusion over the many expiration date labels you find on food. [More]

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FDA: Keep Your Dogs Away From Gum, Nut Butters Containing Xylitol

The Food & Drug Administration is issuing a stricter warning for dog owners against xylitol, a common sweetener that’s found in many gum products as well as some nut butters, because it can “can have devastating effects on your pet.” [More]

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New Rules Will Shed Dim Light On Antibiotics Overuse In Farm Animals

Even though three-quarters of all antibiotics sold in the U.S. are used on farm animals, there is very little information available about how much of which drugs are being fed to cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys. Newly finalized rules hope to provide more details on how these drugs are being used, but critics say the new data is only a small part of the bigger picture. [More]

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FDA To Reconsider Definition Of “Healthy” On Food Labels

When you see a some food marketed as “healthy” or “natural,” do you know exactly what, if anything, those terms mean? The Food and Drug Administration has decided to rethink its requirements for what it takes to market a product as “healthy,” while advocates and lawmakers are pushing the agency to define “natural” in a way that more people would understand. [More]

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Dole Found Listeria In Salad Processing Plant As Far Back As 2014, Kept Shipping Veggies

Is it a crime for a company or its representatives to keep on shipping food products that may be dangerous to the public if they know that the items may be contaminated? Dole’s Springfield, OH processing plant has started shipping salad again, but new evidence shows that the company kept shipping lettuce even as it was aware of Listeria contamination in the building as far back as 2014. [More]


FDA Proposes Limit For Inorganic Arsenic In Infant Rice Cereal

While there are currently no federal limits on arsenic levels in most food, the Food and Drug Administration announced today that it’s taking steps aimed at reducing inorganic arsenic in at least one product, infant rice cereal. [More]


CDC: The Dole Salad Listeria Outbreak Is Finally Over

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration, the outbreak of Listeria in bagged salad mixes is now officially over. Contaminated salads sent 19 people to the hospital, killing one patient, and made an unknown number of other people sick. How did the greens get contaminated? Was there a problem with the Ohio facility, and is it still shut down? We don’t currently know. [More]


New Warning Labels Coming To Opioid Painkillers

A week after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called on physicians to stop prescribing opioid painkillers when less-problematic therapeutic treatments will do the trick, another federal agency is joining in the effort to alert consumers to the potential risks of using these frequently prescribed medications. [More]

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Federal Court Enters Injunction Against Grower Of Listeria-Laden Sprouts

Back in 2014, we began asking whether everyone should just quit eating raw sprouts, and the sprout industry hasn’t done much to prove that we should since then. One of those companies that was part of the 2014 recalls apparently hasn’t cleaned up its metaphorical act and its literal sprouting facility, and the Food and Drug Administration went through the federal courts system went through the federal courts to stop them from sprouting until the company meets certain conditions. [More]

New Contact Lens Solution Warnings Mean Fewer Users Getting Peroxide In Their Eyes

New Contact Lens Solution Warnings Mean Fewer Users Getting Peroxide In Their Eyes

If anyone ever tries to convince you that life isn’t constantly getting better, remember this: only an average of three people each year since 2012 have stuck contact lenses soaked in hydrogen peroxide in their eyes and caused injuries bad enough to report to the Food and Drug Administration. 61 people did from 2010 to 2011. The reason for this medical miracle? Red plastic. [More]

Florida Man Barred From Selling Unapproved “Natural Herpes Medicine”

Florida Man Barred From Selling Unapproved “Natural Herpes Medicine”

Five years ago, the Food and Drug Administration first warned a Florida man to stop peddling a supposed cure for herpes until he proved it worked and was safe. He subsequently tweaked the marketing to make it less cure-like, but federal prosecutors say he still went too far in promising his supplement could treat the sexually transmitted disease. [More]

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House Passes Bill Weakening Rules For Menu Calorie Counts In Restaurants

Hey, remember how the Food and Drug Administration gave restaurants a yearlong extension on the deadline for getting their act together regarding calorie counts on menus nationwide? They were supposed to get their acts together and post that information on menus nationwide by December of this year. Now, though, a new bill passed in the House of Representatives seeks to change that before eateries are forced to comply. Which wouldn’t be for another few years. [More]

Why Do New Starbucks Drinks Have ‘Chocolatey’ Chips, Not Chocolate?

Why Do New Starbucks Drinks Have ‘Chocolatey’ Chips, Not Chocolate?

Starbucks introduced a new lineup of seasonal drinks this week, which are chocolate-flavored for Valentine’s Day. Sounds romantic. Yet reader Kelly noticed something when reading a news article about them: the drinks were described as containing “chocolatey chips,” but why not chocolate chips? What makes the chips not chocolate? [More]

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7 Things We Learned About Food Safety Oversight From A Foodborne Illness Expert

Foodborne illness outbreaks have dominated the news in recent months: E. coli and norovirus at Chipotlelisteria in prepackaged Dole salad mixes, and salmonella in cucumbers. These outbreaks have sickened — and in some cases killed — consumers,  and one food safety expert says that inadequate safety oversight is at least partly to blame. [More]

Cheese Company With Leaky Roof, “Uncleanable Surfaces” Pleads Guilty To Selling Listeria-Tainted Food

Cheese Company With Leaky Roof, “Uncleanable Surfaces” Pleads Guilty To Selling Listeria-Tainted Food

Perhaps you’d like to think that your shrink-wrapped ready-to-eat cheese was made in something resembling a science-fiction movie — stark white walls, spotless machines, a few doctor-like employees supervising the sterile process behind surgical masks. You certainly don’t imagine the conditions that got one Delaware cheese company shut down. [More]


Big Tobacco Loses Legal Challenge To FDA Report On Menthol Cigarettes

A federal appeals court has stymied the tobacco industry’s attempt to challenge a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel report on the safety of menthol cigarettes. [More]