UPDATE: Lipstick Lesbians Can’t Save FCUK, Even Through Plagiarism

Did you like that FCUK Lipstick Lesbian Kung-Fu Fighting video we posted earlier? We did too, so much that we’re going to post it again… only this time, we’re going to post the Groovecutters’ ‘We Close Our Eyes’ music video its totally fucking plagiarizing.

Lipstick Lesbians Can’t Save FCUK

FCUK’s sales have collapsed after airing a commercial in which two women, incarnating the twin ideals of Style and Fashion, slap at each other and rip off one another’s bras before being sprayed with a hose by a crowd of cheering men. Then they reconcile, sealing their newfound friendship by jamming their tongues down each other’s throats.

Fashion vs. Style in FCUK Lesbo Catfight

Fashion vs. Style in FCUK Lesbo Catfight

We’d be remiss to neglect the ladies in detailing homosexual shopping experiences, so here’s a video for clothier FCUK pitting Fashion against Style in a hand-to-hand sapphic scenario, after the jump. Beware, it autoplays.