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How Bags Of Oranges Costs More Than Coke

How Bags Of Oranges Costs More Than Coke

This is also why you’re fat. A graph of inflation-adjusted data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows how the prices of different food and beverages has changed over the past three decades. The price of crap food over the past 30 years has dropped. At the same time, the food you used to try to hide in your glass of milk has gotten steadily more expensive. No wonder the average man in his 60’s is 25 lbs heavier than he was in the late 70’s. Hey, govmnt, how about shifting some of those corn and soybean subsidies over to produce growers?


How Not To Be a Fat F****

Continuing her adventures in service journalism, Violent Acres has an acerbic roundup of 10 tips on how to poop the pounds, entitled, “How Not To Be a Fat Fuck.” A selection: