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Sears Holdings Plans At Least 4 More Kmart Store Closures In May

After a tough year of losing half a billion dollars less than they did in 2014, Sears Holdings, parent company of Sears and Kmart, announced plans to close about 50 stores in the coming months. What the company no longer does is send out big announcements with lists of stores slated for closure, instead submitting local closings to local news outlets. That’s cool, but we’re a national news outlet that likes to pay attention to national trends, so we compiled a list for anyone who is interested. [More]

Sorry You Can't Vote: You're Dead

Sorry You Can't Vote: You're Dead

A bureaucratic mixup led to a very confusing Super Tuesday for one Boston-area woman. The 84-year-old showed up to vote in Tuesday’s primary election, only to be told that she couldn’t vote: she was dead. [More]