Should You Be Able To Serve Divorce Papers Through Facebook?

If you so choose, you can use the internet to avoid virtually all person-to-person contact; sign contracts electronically, transfer funds from account to account, transact business, order dinner and a movie, but can you use Facebook to sidestep the awkward — and sometimes difficult — process of serving divorce papers on your estranged spouse? Not always, says one judge. [More]

Google’s New ‘Trusted Contacts’ App Lets Users Keep Tabs On Friends, Family

Google’s New ‘Trusted Contacts’ App Lets Users Keep Tabs On Friends, Family

Two years after Facebook added a safety check feature to let users notify family and friends they were safe after a disaster or public tragedy, Google is following suit, launching its own standalone personal safety app.  [More]


Facebook’s Robot Army May Soon Determine If Your Live Video Is Offensive

Facebook — the company whose artificial intelligence has had a wee bit of trouble distinguishing between fake and authentic news sources — believes that its machine censors can be deployed to determine if a users’ live video stream is too naughty or offensive. [More]

Is It Time To Get Serious About Cracking Down On Stealth Instagram Ads?

Is It Time To Get Serious About Cracking Down On Stealth Instagram Ads?

If you’ve used Instagram, you’re almost certainly familiar with apparently real people touting tummy-flattening tea, an array of subscription boxes, the benefits of some multilevel marketing scheme, or the latest in fashion, beauty, and electronics. If these people are being paid to shill these products, then they have to clearly be flagged as ads. Though the Federal Trade Commission has pledged to get serious about going after advertisers who taint your Instagram feed with these stealth ads, some consumer advocates say the FTC simply isn’t doing enough. [More]

Jason Cook

Study: Students “Easily Duped” By Fake News, Sponsored Content

You might assume that a child raised on online content may be better positioned to tell when news and information is coming from legitimate sources and when that source is a fake or an ad. However, the results of a new study appear to indicate that this always-connected generation is no better equipped to sort fact from fiction online. [More]


Facebook Says It Found More Mistakes In Metrics Reported To Advertisers

So, remember that whole thing about Facebook mistakenly telling advertisers for two years that users were watching videos much longer than they actually were? It turns out that wasn’t the only advertising metric the social media company got wrong. [More]

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Google, Facebook To Fight Fake “News” Sites By Blocking Them From Ad Money

Google and Facebook are, hands down, the two most common ways for basically everyone to find information: either you’re searching for links on one, or browsing your news feed on the other. They’re also the two biggest advertising companies in the world, which gives them some leverage to feed or starve some content. And when it comes to totally bogus news, both are now going to take the “starve” approach. [More]


Facebook Briefly Killed A Lot Of People This Afternoon

Are you okay? For a brief but deeply weird period this afternoon, Facebook killed a substantial part of its user base, telling their friends to “remember” them. These people were, to be clear, mostly alive. [More]

Facebook Tweaks Its “Ethnic Affinity” Advertising Feature To Address Discrimination Concerns

Facebook Tweaks Its “Ethnic Affinity” Advertising Feature To Address Discrimination Concerns

After coming under fire for allowing advertisers to use race-related information to exclude entire swaths of Facebook users from seeing an ad, the social media company has decided to tweak this feature to address concerns that it could be used to illegally discriminate against people based on their perceived ethnicity. [More]


Brands Can Message Ads At You On Facebook If You Message Them First

Do you like Facebook Messenger because you get messages and chats from people you actually know, and you don’t get a lot of ads or solicitations from brands or companies you’ve made purchases from in the past? Yeah, about that. Brands are about to start blasting out messages into Facebook users’ feeds, and the only way around it is to not contact them through Facebook. [More]


Facebook’s Out Of Ad Space On Facebook, So It Wants To Put Ads On Your TV

First Facebook took over your web experience. Then it took over your phone. And now, more than a decade after the internet’s second-biggest advertising company (Google’s first) launched infamously in a Harvard dorm room, Facebook is all set to start delivering video ads on a whole new platform next week: your TV. [More]

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Judge: George Washington Did Not Care About Biometric Data Storage

We live in a world that’s constantly throwing new technology, new business, and new quandaries at us. Facebook, Google, Amazon, Uber, Twitter, and the smartphone that we use to access them all on either didn’t exist, or existed very differently, as recently as a decade ago. The framework for our legal system, however, was built in the 18th and early 19th centuries. And that means sometimes trying to apply to the latter to the former can result in entertaining, if accurate, dissonance. [More]

Facebook Allows Advertisers To Exclude Users Based On “Ethnic Affinity”

Facebook Allows Advertisers To Exclude Users Based On “Ethnic Affinity”

Advertisers have always targeted their marketing to the demographic most likely to be interested in their product, but is there a difference between running an ad that you know will probably mostly be seen by people who fall into just one ethnic group and an ad that actively excludes people outside of that group? [More]

Facebook Unveils Its Own Snapchat-Like Photo Filters

Facebook Unveils Its Own Snapchat-Like Photo Filters

There’s just something about Snapchat, all the other messaging services just can’t help themselves from mimicking the quick photo messaging app in one way or another: from Instagram’s “Stories” feature to Facebook’s experiments with self-destructing messages. Now, the big blue “F” is taking another stab at being more like Snapchat, debuting a set of filters that users can place over their photos — think puking rainbows and cartoonish eyes.  [More]

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Facebook Relaunches “Safety Center” Anti-Bullying Hub With More Resources

Six years ago Facebook launched The Safety Center as a way to address bullying and provide users with copies of the social network’s community standards to ensure that anyone using the site can do so safely. Today, the company relaunched the Center and updated its Bullying Prevention Hub in order to reach more of its 1.7 billion users. [More]

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Rumor Has It: Instagram Testing Live Video Feature

Remember the days when social media apps were all totally different? Neither do we. To that end, there are some rumors floating around that Instagram is taking a page from parent company Facebook’s playbook with tests of a new live video feature. [More]

Facebook Wants You To Order Food Through Restaurants’ Pages

Facebook Wants You To Order Food Through Restaurants’ Pages

If you want to accomplish everything online without leaving Facebook, perhaps that will be possible soon. Today, the social networking site announced a new feature: users will be able to order food from a restaurant directly from that restaurant’s Facebook page. [More]


Facebook Messenger Wants To Help You Have Interesting Conversations

Do your friends think your online conversations are, well, kind of boring? Facebook Messenger wants to change that with a new feature designed to help users strike up interesting conversations. [More]