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Yes, Even Dunkin’ Donuts Will Be Ditching Its Familiar Foam Cups After NYC Ban

Following the announcement yesterday that a new initiative in New York would effectively ban the use of extruded polystyrene – commonly referred to as styrofoam – containers by this summer, one of the cities largest users of the receptacles, Dunkin’ Donuts, says it will ditch its iconic cups in more than 500 stores. [More]


NYC’s Ban On Plastic Foam Food Containers Goes Into Effect This Summer

Starting this summer, New Yorkers will no longer be able to point to a food container and annoyingly note that “Styrofoam is a trademarked term for insulation, it’s actually extruded polystyrene.” The initiative to ban what we’re going to go ahead and call styrofoam containers at restaurants and other food businesses was started by former mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2013, and is being carried out by Mayor Bill de Blasio. His office says it’ll finally go into effect this summer. [More]

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Which Is Worse To Get Caught Drunk Eating On Video: Styrofoam Or Chips Off A Train’s Floor?

There’s something about today that is bringing in evidence of some behavior we’ve all likely been guilty of: Eating while drunk and feeling like whatever you’re consuming is just the best darn [insert preferred drunk food/cheese] you’ve ever ingested. But in the two videos the Internet has dumped ashore today, we’re pretty sure these people take that guilty pleasure to new heights. [More]


McDonald’s Switching To Paper Cups For Hot Beverages At All Restaurants

After decades of selling coffee and other hot beverages in polystyrene cups — and 23 years after it stopped using that material for its sandwich boxes — McDonald’s has decided to make the switch to paper in all of its restaurants. [More]


Mayor Bloomberg To Announce Styrofoam Ban As Part Of Green Push For NYC

We all saw it coming and now it’s happening — New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is going to announce an official ban on styrofoam containers in his State of the City address today. Just to clarify once again, uppercase Styrofam is a trademarked product used in insulation, while what we all know as styrofoam is really extruded polystyrene. Moving on! [More]