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Oreo’s New Choco Chip Cookie Flavor Is Tasty, But Isn’t Chocolate Chip Cookie Flavored

Two years ago, cookie dough flavored Oreos hit the market, with standard chcoolatey Oreo wafers and cookie dough flavored creme. The thing is, both of these cookie flavors have names that avoid one important word: chocolate. That’s because the FDA has specific rules for what can legally be called “chocolate,” and the choco-nuggets in these cookies don’t fit the definition. [More]

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Walmart Customers Vote To Bring Back Oreo-Flavored Oreos For The 4th Time

Walmart decided to democratize their latest act of stunt food, and they left the choice of which novelty Oreo flavor to sell in 2017 up to a customer vote. Given the choice of caramel apple, jelly donut, and cookies and creme flavors, the online vote went to cookies and creme. Yes, people actually chose Oreo-flavored Oreos. [More]


Yep, Blueberry Pie And Non-Branded Fruity Pebble Oreos Are Real Things

Just about any dessert-themed flavor is now plausible when it comes to novelty Oreo flavors and other stunt food, and it’s difficult to surprise us. Yet we were sort of surprised at one of the new flavors that Nabisco plans to release in June, since it’s sort of a type of cereal, and sort of not. [More]

Strawberry Shortcake Oreos Will Hit Walmart Shelves On April 4

Strawberry Shortcake Oreos Will Hit Walmart Shelves On April 4

Yesterday, we shared an image that leaked online of what appeared to be an upcoming novelty Oreo flavor: strawberry shortcake. This was slightly confusing, since we were under the impression that marketers and flavor mavens had declared strawberry shortcake to be one of the official flavors of Valentine’s Day. In the cookie aisle, it will be a flavor of spring and summer, hitting shelves at Walmart on April 4. [More]


Strawberry Shortcake Oreos May Hit Stores In Time For Summer

The junk food industry really needs to get its message straight. Is strawberry shortcake a flavor for Valentine’s Day, or for summer? Nabisco has made its argument, with strawberry shortcake flavored Oreos coming out soon, probably for summer. We checked with Oreo-maker Mondelēz, and will let you know if we get any confirmed information. (Instagram via The Impulsive Buy)


Filled Cupcake Oreos Are Really Happening, Will Arrive February 8

Filled Cupcake Oreos Are Really Happening, Will Arrive February 8

In Manhattan this week, there appeared a mysterious Oreo-shaped door in a wall. When you open the door, to no one’s surprise, you find Oreos. Parent company Mondelez plans to use the door, which they call the “Oreo Wonder Vault,” to introduce new flavors to the public shortly before they reach real-life stores. Today, they opened up the vault to distribute Filled Cupcake Oreos. [More]

Cinnamon Bun Oreos Have Landed In Stores

Cinnamon Bun Oreos Have Landed In Stores

If you’ve been waiting around and salivating since the coming of cinnamon bun flavored Oreos was announced back in September, good news: the cookies have finally been spotted in the wild. They are still not in the smaller “seasonal” package and there’s no mention of the flavor being a limited-time offering, which means that they could be a permanent Exotic Oreo flavor. [The Impulsive Buy]


Unconfirmed: Cupcake-Flavored Oreos Are Coming

Unconfirmed: Cupcake-Flavored Oreos Are Coming

Nabisco vowed to stop the Oreo flavor leaks, but it looks like they’re back! This flavor appears to be… chocolate and creme filling. That’s not actually a flavor, but the theme is a filled chocolate cupcake. The leaker says that it’s due out in January 2016. As always, we’ll check with Nabisco, and they probably won’t answer. [Instagram]


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Cinnamon Bun Flavored Oreos Are Coming Soon

If you love frosting-laden cinnamon sweets and Oreos, the time is at hand: news about the next exotic Oreos flavor is out, and the lucky theme food is…cinnamon buns! The package promises cinnamon cookies with “cinnamon bun flavored creme.” That’s better than icing-flavored creme, which would just be… really solid icing. [More]

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Toasted Coconut Oreos Appear, Contain Some Actual Coconut

Fruit-flavored exotic Oreos don’t generally contain the fruit whose flavor they’re trying to imitate, but that’s all different for the newest flavor, toasted coconut. There are flakes of actual coconut in its coconut-flavored creme. It will be nothing at all like dunking a bottle of suntan lotion in milk. [More]

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Nabisco Runs Out Of Oreo Flavor Ideas, Brings Back Oreo-Flavored Oreos

Maybe Nabisco has worn itself out this year, releasing novelty Oreo flavor after novelty Oreo flavor. That’s why they’ve come back around to one of their oddest recent flavor ideas: “cookies & creme” flavored Oreo cookies––that’s to say, Oreo-flavored Oreos. You can get them now in full-sized packages, even though they have no reason to exist. [More]

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Key Lime Pie Oreos Exist, Because We Needed Another Summer Novelty Oreo Flavor

Sure, sure, you can make a alleged faux Key Lime pie out of crushed-up Oreos, flavored gelatin, and whipped non-dairy topping, but why would you do that when you can have an entirely different Oreo-infested simulation of the actual pie? [More]

Here Come Brownie Batter Oreos

Here Come Brownie Batter Oreos

There’s something about the intense chocolate flavor and gritty texture of brownie batter that makes it irresistible. Continuing their series of exotic Oreo flavors, Nabisco will try to capture this flavor in the form of Oreo “creme,” between two standard chocolate-flavored cookie wafers. [More]


Oreos With Lemon Creme And Chocolate Cookies Hit Shelves This Summer

It’s important to us to keep our readers updated about the latest and most important news in the world of novelty Oreos. We’ve learned that Lemon Twist Oreos have returned to shelves, which are not to be confused with lemon Oreos. Lemon Oreos, which are still available, are on a vanilla cookie, and Lemon Twist Oreos are on a chocolate cookie. [More]

Nabisco Confirms Cotton Candy Oreos Are Real, Vows To Stop Cookie Leaks

Nabisco Confirms Cotton Candy Oreos Are Real, Vows To Stop Cookie Leaks

Nabisco, maker of Oreos, is unhappy with the mysterious Instagram user who has been leaking photos of their flavors that haven’t hit the market yet. While the company has confirmed that they will roll out cookies flavored to taste like cotton candy at some point in the future, they are unhappy that someone has been sneaking photos of upcoming products and putting them on Instagram. The mysterious cookie0man of Instagram is gone.


Next In The Exotic Oreo Flavor Pipeline: Cotton Candy

Next In The Exotic Oreo Flavor Pipeline: Cotton Candy

On Instagram, there is a mysterious user named “cookie0man”, who posts advance versions of Nabisco products and nothing else. This shadowy figure posted pictures of red velvet Oreos before those hit shelves, and S’mores Oreos, which we still haven’t confirmed the existence of, but which sound appealing. Today, this person posted a photo of a new flavor: cotton candy Oreos. [More]

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S’Mores Could Be Oreo’s Next Exotic Flavor

Ready for another exotic Oreo flavor? It’s possible that the world was never really ready for watermelon or Oreo-flavored Oreos, and that didn’t stop Nabisco from inflicting them on the world. We are intrigued with this image of a S’More Oreo cookie, featuring two-colored chocolate and marshmallow “creme” sandwiched between graham-flavored cookies.


Nabisco Finally Confirms That Red Velvet Oreos Are Real

Nabisco Finally Confirms That Red Velvet Oreos Are Real

Back in October, we evaluated the evidence for and against red velvet as a novelty Oreo flavor. It seemed plausible, but hadn’t been officially confirmed back in the fall. Now that we’re approaching Valentine’s Day, the holiday for which red velvet has been anointed the official flavor, Nabisco has announced that the cookies, featuring red cookie wafers and cream cheese flavored Oreo “creme,” will hit stores soon and stay on shelves for six weeks, or until we eat them all. [More]