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One of the three "faux fur" items sold on the Neiman Marcus website that allegedly contained real fur.

Neiman Marcus, Other Retailers, Settle Charges Of Selling Fake Fur That Contained Actual Fur

There are a lot of people out there who like the look and feel of fur, but have a problem with the idea of actually wearing it. That’s why there is faux fur. But what’s the point of going faux when some retailers don’t divulge that a fake fur product might indeed be the real deal? [More]

Is This The Secret Recipe For Coca-Cola?

Is This The Secret Recipe For Coca-Cola?

The greatest trade secret of all time — the secret recipe for Coca-Cola — has been revealed, according to This American Life and The Daily Mail. In fact, the secret behind Coke’s proprietary mixture of sugar, water, caramel color and more sugar, may have actually been exposed 32 years ago, in an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. [More]