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FDA: Generic Morning-After Pills Can Be Sold Off The Shelf Without Proof Of Buyer’s Age

When the Food and Drug Administration decided last year that the brand name version of the morning-after pill, Plan B, could be sold to anyone of any age without a prescription, it granted the drug’s manufacturer three years of protection from generic competition. The FDA has now reconsidered that concession. [More]

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Feds Decide Women Of All Ages Should Have Access To The Morning After Pill

The federal government has backed down from its previous position that only women 15 or older could purchase emergency contraception without prescriptions, and told a judge that it will comply with his order that girls of any age should have access to it. This includes Plan B, the one-step form of the pill, whereas recently a judge had only been able to clear the way for a generic, two-day version for all ages. [More]