Congratulations, Oregon: You Can Now Harvest Some Roadkill For Food

Get the shovel ready and the recipe cards out, Oregonians, because your state has just made it legal to for you to salvage roadkill and eat it. [More]

Get Your Elk Burger On At Fuddruckers

Get Your Elk Burger On At Fuddruckers

While KFC has its Double Down and Carl’s Jr. has its foot-long burger, Fuddruckers, the burger chain with the name that sounds more like a syndrome than it does a restaurant, is out to differentiate itself from the competition by offering up a selection of exotic meats to customers. It already has salmon and buffalo burgers on the menu, and in the last week it’s added elk to the list. [More]

Man Who Abandonded Thrifty Rental Car Still Reponsible For Elk Attacks

A man who Thrifty charged $30 a day after he was forced to abandon his rental car in the forest following a washout has gotten a reprieve.