Yale Dean Apologizes For Snooty, Elitist Yelp Reviews

In theory, college deans are supposed to advise and mentor students, sometimes guiding them through times where their worst impulses might get the best of them. Hopefully, Yale students are not following the lead of one dean who repeatedly used Yelp to make rude, condescending comments about local businesses and her fellow customers. [More]

New York Times Wishes It Had Not Published "Snotty" JC Penney Review

New York Times Wishes It Had Not Published "Snotty" JC Penney Review

The NYT is now expressing regret over publishing Cintra Wilson’s “Critical Shopper” review of JC Penney’s new Manhattan store. The column was simultaneously hateful and boring, offering astute observations such as the fact that middle class people shop there and that the store carries clothes for the average-sized woman.