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Nicholas Eckhart

Kmart Employee Saved Monthly Elevator Music Tapes From Trash To Torture Us All 26 Years Later

It’s October 1989. Your family is spending a pleasant Saturday afternoon at Kmart, browsing for some late back-to-school clothes, or maybe some Halloween costumes. The shelves are full of clearance lunch boxes and plastic pumpkins, and you hear soft instrumental adult-contemporary music interspersed with Kmart promos over the store speakers. That music’s all piped in, though, isn’t it? No recordings of it could possibly exist. [More]

Muzak Bankrupt

Muzak Bankrupt

Ever acoustically bankrupt, Muzak,the makers of elevator music, have declared themselves financially bankrupt by filing for Chapter 11. The company’s unique style of precisely limited in tempo and dynamics and unswervingly bland music may not be long for this world. Office workers and elevator riders, rejoice.