Tesla Announces Supercharger Pricing Scheme For New Customers

Tesla Announces Supercharger Pricing Scheme For New Customers

Last fall, Tesla announced that it would soon be pulling the plug on the totally free use of its Supercharger stations, giving prospective Tesla buyers until Jan. 15 to place an order that would lock in this free access. With that deadline looming, the company has finally revealed vague details on what latecomers should expect to pay for fast-charging their pricey electric vehicles. [More]


You Have Until Jan. 15 To Lock In Unlimited Access To Tesla Superchargers

If you were bummed when Tesla Motors announced it would be ending the program that gives Model S and Model X owners free access to the company’s Supercharger stations, take heart: you’ve got about 12 additional days to buy a Tesla vehicle and lock in a lifetime of unlimited charging. [More]

Why GM Is Okay Losing Money On The Electric Chevy Bolt

Why GM Is Okay Losing Money On The Electric Chevy Bolt

When it comes to electric vehicles, consumers have to be willing to spend a pretty penny in order to reduce their emissions. But it’s not just car owners that are shelling out for more environmentally friendly rides, carmakers are too: on top of the cost to create, test, and manufacture the vehicles, companies, like General Motors, are regularly taking a hit when it comes to putting keys in customers’ hands. But why? [More]

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Vespa Is Making An Electric Version Of Its Classic Scooter

You’ve seen it in movies, you’ve seen it on TV shows, and soon, you may see it plugged in to charge: Vespa’s parent company has announced that it’s making an electric version of its classic scooter. [More]

No More Free Ride: Tesla Will Charge For Supercharging On New Cars

Tesla’s electric vehicles aren’t cheap, but for years drivers have been able to charge up their Teslas quickly and for free at thousands of free Tesla Supercharger stations. This morning, the company announced all that free Supercharging will soon come to an end, at least for new cars. [More]

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UPDATE: McLaren Says It’s Not Talking About Selling Itself To Apple

Well, that was quick: shortly after a report from the Financial Times hit the news cycle today saying that Apple was in talks to buy McLaren, the automaker says that’s not happening. [More]

Chevrolet Bolt Electric Car Will Get 238 Miles Per Charge, Cost Under $40K

Chevrolet Bolt Electric Car Will Get 238 Miles Per Charge, Cost Under $40K

If you dream of electric cars, but don’t want to wait around for more than a year until the release of Tesla’s more affordable Model 3, Chevrolet has some good news for you: the Bolt, its first fully electric car, will launch in just a few months, and its range will be 238 miles on average when fully charged. That means it will be available before the Model 3, and travel farther on a single charge. [More]


Mercedes Working On Delivery Vans That Deploy Robotic Carrier Pigeons

These days, it seems like you can’t turn around without bumping into news about drones or electric vehicles. Mercedes has combined those two trendy topics with one vehicle it’s working on: an electric delivery van outfitted with two small pilotless aircraft capable of carrying small items to their final destination. [More]

Tesla Removes The Words “Autopilot” & “Self-Driving” From China Website

Tesla Removes The Words “Autopilot” & “Self-Driving” From China Website

After a crash involving a Tesla driver in Beijing who said he took his hands off the steering wheel while the car was in “Autopilot mode,” the company says it’s removed that word and a Chinese term that means “self-driving” from its China website. [More]


Mercedes-Benz Reportedly Working On Line Of Electric Vehicles To Take On Tesla

Things are about to be a bit more electric over at Mercedes-Benz: the carmaker is reportedly set to intensify its work on alternative-fuel cars with the introduction of four new models. [More]

NHTSA Is Looking Into Fatal Crash Of Tesla Model S In Autopilot Mode

NHTSA Is Looking Into Fatal Crash Of Tesla Model S In Autopilot Mode

Last fall, Tesla released a beta version of Autopilot, a software upgrade that would let the car take over some driving functions, including steering, cruise control, and lane changes. Today, the company announced some sad news: the first fatal crash in of one of the company’s vehicles while in autopilot mode happened in northern Florida in May. [More]


Tesla Talking To Sheetz About Adding Charging Stations For Electronic Vehicles At Gas Stations

In an effort to convince drivers that long road trips are possible with an electric vehicle, Tesla Motors is discussing expanding its network of charging stations with the help of gas station/convenience store chain Sheetz. [More]

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Electric Vehicles Could Cut Gasoline Demand By 20% In Next 20 Years

Part of the appeal of driving around town in an electric vehicle is that it doesn’t need gasoline, and thus, is better for the environment. But there’s one thing all of these vehicles aren’t good for: gasoline demand.  [More]

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VW Focusing On New Electric Car Offerings To Make Up For Emissions Scandal

After admitting to equipping more than 11 million vehicles worldwide — around 500,000 in the U.S. — with illegal “defeat devices” designed to cheat emissions standards, Volkswagen is trying to undo that damage by focusing more on greener, electric vehicles.  [More]

Tesla Says It Already Has Reservations For 115,000 $35K Model 3 Electric Vehicles

It’s been nearly two years since Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed the development of the Model 3, the high-end electric vehicle maker’s first venture into more affordable automobiles. Aside from that price point and claims about being able to get around 200 miles to a single charge, not much else has been disclosed until tonight’s long-awaited press/sales event. [More]


Toyota’s New Plug-In Prius Has Twice The Battery Range Of Previous Model

Toyota is doubling the battery range on its newest plug-in hybrid: the Prius Prime will be able to go 22 miles just on its battery, the company announced today, which is twice as far as the most recent model. [More]


Nissan Recalls 47,000 Leaf Electric Vehicles Over Braking Concerns

Less than month after Nissan found a security flaw in an app owners can use to control some aspects of its Leaf electric vehicles, the car company says it found another, more serious, issue: the brakes on the cars can malfunction, increasing the risk of crashes.  [More]

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Report: Regulators Ask VW To Produce More Electric Vehicles To Make Up For That Emissions-Cheating Stuff

While hundreds of thousands of consumers in the U.S. continue to wait for Volkswagen to create a plan to fix vehicles that cheat emission standards, federal regulators are apparently looking to the future, asking the carmaker to produce more electric vehicles in the country as a sort of penance for its use of “defeat devices” in diesel cars.  [More]