Tips For Buying A Used Car This Year

Tips For Buying A Used Car This Year

The sorry state of the economy the past couple of years has actually led to higher prices for used cars, writes Kiplinger. That’s because more people started buying used cars, which tightened the supply while also reducing the number of fresh trade-ins. It may be a couple of years before prices drop again, but Kiplinger has some suggestions for saving money if you plan on buying a used car this year.


Was Your Cash For Clunkers Deal Rejected After Being Approved?

Was Your Cash For Clunkers Deal Rejected After Being Approved?, the car info website, is asking people who participated in the short-lived Cash for Clunkers program to contact them if something went wrong. Although they can’t fix any problems, they’re trying to collect data on consumers who are being asked to pay back the government rebate after already being approved, which was forbidden under the rules of the program, so they can present the data to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Morning Deals

Highlights From Dealnews

  • Graveyard Mall: Wooden Roll-top Desk Organizer for $9 + $6 s&h
  • Columbia Sportswear Men’s Shoes from $19 + $5 s&h
  • Green Mountain K-Cup 50-Packs for $9 + $6 s&h

Highlights From Dealhack

  • Circuit City: Element FLX3711B 37-inch LCD HDTV $600
  • American Express: Up to 5% Cash Back on Purchases with SimplyCash Business Card
  • Geeks: Refurbished Dual AMD Opteron Rack Mount Servers from $200

Highlights From Buxr

  • Hewlett Packard: $500 off $1399 HP Pavilion Notebooks w/ code NB0915
  • Western Digital GreenPower 500GB Serial ATA/300 Hard Drive for $69.99 + shipping
  • Edmund Scientific: $25 Off $50 or more w/ coupon code ES25
Ditching Your Gas-Guzzling SUV Could Be More Expensive Than You Think

Ditching Your Gas-Guzzling SUV Could Be More Expensive Than You Think

SUVs are worth so little that it could take 15 years for a more fuel efficient vehicle to pay for itself in gas savings. Before rushing to trade-in your gas-guzzler, do the math and make sure it isn’t economical to hold onto your unfashionable behemoth. Here are three questions to consider…

Confessions of a Car Salesman

Confessions of a Car Salesman

Our cyberoptic umbilical to our Internet mother may be on the fritz, so we can’t exactly tell you if’s Confessions of a Car Salesman is an Internet classic. But it should be and it’s a must read for anyone looking to purchase a car, whether new or old. Know thy enemy.