Target Recalls 560,000 “Hatch & Grow” Easter Toys Over Ingestion Hazard

Target Recalls 560,000 “Hatch & Grow” Easter Toys Over Ingestion Hazard

If you bought a Hatch & Grow Easter egg or Dino toy from Target for your child’s basket this weekend, you might want to make alternative plans: Target has recalled 560,000 of the toys as they pose an ingestion hazard that can only be remedied with surgery. [More]


Toymakers Want A Piece Of Your Kid’s Easter Basket

Who says Easter baskets are only supposed to contain chocolate bunnies and and sugar-encrusted marshmallow bunny-like things? The toy industry is actively pushing for parents to include dolls and games in with all the sweet stuff — and parents are apparently listening. [More]


December Is Now The Usual Time To Start Selling Easter Candy

Do you have a craving for Easter candy? Good news! You can start preparing for the holiday, which is on Apr. 16 in 2017, because Easter treats have been on store shelves for over a week now. [More]


Will Peeps Worker Strike Put Easter Candy At Risk?

Love’em or hate’em, you’re probably used to seeing brightly-colored marshmallow Peeps in the shape of bunnies and chicks peeking out of Easter baskets every year. But now that hundreds of workers have walked off the job at the factory where the candy is made, is it possible that we may see a dip in the Peeps population next Easter? [More]

Not the bunny involved in this incident, but this one looks pretty belligerent too. (Michelle Makar Parker)

Costumed Easter Bunny Brawls With Customer At NJ Mall

I don’t trust costumed animal mascots. Their enormous heads and soulless plastic eyes scare me. An incident at a New Jersey mall over the weekend showed that maybe this mistrust is justified, when a costumed Easter Bunny and a customer physically brawled over child safety issues. [More]

Kevin Cardosi

Americans Guess They’ll Spend About $146 Per Person On Easter This Year

If you celebrate Easter, what are your plans this year? According to a survey by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights and Analytics, Americans will spend an average of $146 per person on Easter this year for a total of $17.3 billion. That includes the expenses of baskets full of candy, egg hunts, clothing, gifts, festive meals at home or at a restaurant, and flowers. [More]

Peeps Milk And Marshmallow Egg Nog Are Back This Year With More Flavors

Peeps Milk And Marshmallow Egg Nog Are Back This Year With More Flavors

In case you were worried that you would have to face a spring without Easter egg nog and Peeps-flavored sugar milk, don’t fret: the good people at Prairie Farms haven’t just brought back those springtime beverages, but they’ve expanded the line, even adding a Walmart-exclusive orange creme flavor. [More]

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Easter Sundae M&Ms Feature Chocolate And Mysterious White Substance

Here at Consumerist, we love and love to hate novelty flavors of classic candies and cookies, like root beer float cookies or pumpkin spice latte M&Ms. The snack wizards over at M&M HQ now have to crank out multiple holiday flavors of their candy-coated chocolate treats every season, because different retailers want their own custom flavors. This year and this spring, they’re making “Easter Sundae” flavor for Walmart, which unfortunately isn’t much of a flavor. [More]


Someone Stole More Than 200 Hens That Lay Pastel-Colored Eggs

Dyeing Easter eggs is a long-held family fun tradition, but it’s one that can be quite messy. That’s likely one of the reasons why the pastel-colored eggs laid by a specific type of hen have gained popularity in recent years. Now, a California farmer is wondering if his unusual eggs have become popular enough to be the target of thieves after finding 200 of his best egg-laying hens missing.  [More]

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Brach’s Introduces Easter Chick Shaped Candy Corn For Some Reason

Fear not, candy fans: Brach’s is now able to fill in the bleak waiting time between Valentine’s Day candy corn and Independence Day candy corn with Easter candy corn. Except they’re not “corn,” they’re candy corn chicks. We live in a world where this kind of thing is acceptable. [More]

Here Are Creme Egg Cookies And Easter Grass Twizzlers Because Why Not

Here Are Creme Egg Cookies And Easter Grass Twizzlers Because Why Not

Have you always wanted to grab handfuls of the plastic grass in your Easter basket and chomp on it? Have you always secretly wished that Cadbury Creme Eggs came in a form that you could pass off as a normal dessert instead of a chocolate egg? The answer to both of those questions is probably “no,” but this is America, where progress marches on whether we want apple-flavored licorice grass or not. [More]

Starburst Introduces Christmas-Themed Jellybeans For Some Reason

Starburst Introduces Christmas-Themed Jellybeans For Some Reason

Here at Consumerist, we’re fascinated with holiday mashups: items that we associate with one holiday re-purposed for another, usually for marketing reasons. Items like pumpkin spice egg nog and Independence Day candy corn exist because the makers of candy corn and egg nog want to expand these festive treats out to other holidays. Now let’s welcome Christmas jelly beans to the holiday mashup fold. [More]


Was This Walmart Doing A Bad Thing By Being Closed On Easter But Asking Employees To Work?

When a store says it’s closed on Easter so its employees can spend time with their families, does that mean the entire store should be a ghost town? Or is it okay to have a volunteer skeleton crew in to keep things moving behind the scenes? And should the workers who do volunteer to come in be paid extra for giving up their holiday? These questions and more are being debated about a Walmart Supercenter in Maine. [More]

Kill Time Before Easter Weekend With This Video Of Cadbury Creme Eggs Being Made

Kill Time Before Easter Weekend With This Video Of Cadbury Creme Eggs Being Made

Not all of us — and certainly not all of you — will be celebrating Easter this weekend. But it is a spring Friday afternoon and just about everyone likes chocolate. So what better way to get through the end of the work week than to plug in your headphones (or turn down the volume on your computer) and waste a few minutes watching Cadbury Creme Eggs be brought into this world? [More]

Target: Stuff Your Easter Basket With Violent Video Games!

Target: Stuff Your Easter Basket With Violent Video Games!

Spring is here, and store shelves and websites are filled with Easter gift. Like these promotional items on the front page of Target. Only this looks more like a Christmas flyer. When did the Easter Bunny start bringing video games and Barbie dolls? [More]

(Michael C Strack)

Thief Steals Easter, Drives Off With 180,000 Eggs

If the Grinch stole the secular celebration of Christmas, who steals the secular celebration of Easter? We’re not sure, but whoever it is that would do such a thing hit Fort Myers, Florida recently, driving off with an entire truckload of eggs less than three weeks before the holiday. The truck and the eggs are still missing. [WESH] [More]

Mystery Solved: Mounds Easter Egg Ice Cream Is Really Old

Mystery Solved: Mounds Easter Egg Ice Cream Is Really Old

A few weeks ago, we shared with you a Holiday Creep mystery. A reader discovered Easter-themed ice cream on the shelf at Walmart, making us wonder: was it still on the shelves from 2013, or just early for 2014? The way things are going in retail, we couldn’t be sure. We wrote to Walmart corporate, and they didn’t answer. Then we got a response from the freezer case. So to speak. [More]

Are These Easter Ice Creams At Walmart Very Late Or Very Early?

Are These Easter Ice Creams At Walmart Very Late Or Very Early?

Update: Mystery solved. At this point in the year, we can’t be sure whether an Easter item still on store shelves is early for Easter or just lingering months after the holiday. That’s the mystery of the Mounds Eggs that Micah found on the shelves of a Walmart in Georgia. [More]