e.t. the extra-terrestrial


Atari Games Recovered From New Mexico Dump Now Available On eBay

Depending on your point of view, a selection of vintage game cartridges recently listed on eBay are either priceless pieces of video game history and lore, or just a bunch of trash that someone is trying to hawk on the Internet. Both of these perspectives are true: it’s the cartridges’ status as trash that makes them so valuable and interesting in the first place. [More]

Date Set For “E.T.” Atari Cartridges Landfill Dig: April 26

Date Set For “E.T.” Atari Cartridges Landfill Dig: April 26

The world still doesn’t know for sure whether there really are millions of unsold copies of the game “E.T.” for the Atari 2500 buried in a landfill in New Mexico. Maybe that secret would have stayed buried if not for the team who thought that it might be fun and worthwhile to search for them and make a documentary film about the process. [More]