The Last Full-Service Dunkin’ Donuts Prepares To Shut Its Doors

Though you might not even have been aware it existed, the last full-service Dunkin’ Donuts diner is preparing to close, and will be renovated to look like the rest. [More]

Soon these cups will belong to the non-recyclable past. (m01229)

Dunkin’ Donuts Working On Ditching Styrofoam Cups Nationwide By 2016

While Dunkin’ Donuts previously announced it would comply with a new law in New York City banning styrofoam cups and containers, which goes into effect today, the company might bring its new plastic, recyclable cups to the rest of its locations across the country as well. [More]

Dunkin’ Donuts Running A “Private Test” Of Mobile Ordering With A Delivery Future In Mind

Dunkin’ Donuts Running A “Private Test” Of Mobile Ordering With A Delivery Future In Mind

If the distance between your mouth to the nearest doughnut is just too great for you to tackle on your own, buck up. There could be a reality where Dunkin’ Donuts brings the doughnuts to your door in the very near future, as the company says it could soon be dipping its toes in the delivery realm, as it’s already started a “private test” of mobile ordering. [More]

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Local Dunkin’ Donuts Owner Decides He Can Be Cool With BBQ Place Selling Breakfast Tacos Nearby

Though from the consumer perspective having more choices is always a good thing, businesses don’t particularly like it when competitors move in on what they see as their turf. So went the ballad of a local Dunkin’ Donuts and its BBQ restaurant neighbor, where the two businesses found themselves at odds over who was allowed to serve breakfast in the shopping center. [More]

Dunkin’ Donuts Debuts Chips Ahoy-Flavored Doughnuts

Dunkin’ Donuts Debuts Chips Ahoy-Flavored Doughnuts

If you feel your energy flagging at work today, don’t worry: as of Monday, Dunkin’ Donuts has a new doughnut for afternoon eating. Starting Monday, they’re starting a partnership with Nabisco’s Chips Ahoy brand to turn doughnuts into an all-day food. [More]

That Was Then, This Is Now: How 72 Brands From ‘Mad Men’ Have Changed Since Don Draper Was In Charge


Because nothing gold can stay, AMC’s popular Mad Men has reached the final episode of its final, seventh season. Over the course of the show, we’ve seen pitches for a multitude of companies, brands, sports, groups and even cities. While some of those brands were created for the show, the large majority were very real — and some continue to exist today. In the spirit of nostalgia, we thought now might be the right time to check in on those products and companies pitched by Sterling Cooper (and its various rebirths), to see which have been lost to the mists of time, and which still remain. [More]


Dunkin’ Donuts Considering Using Only Cage-Free Eggs

Leaning into the growing consumer demand for products that are sourced from animals who aren’t contained as strictly as in the past, Dunkin’ Donuts announced today that it’s looking into using eggs only from uncaged hens in all its restaurants. It’s also planning on buying pork in the U.S. only from suppliers that don’t put animals in gestation crates by 2022. [More]


Dunkin’ Donuts Says It Will Remove Controversial Whitening Agent From Powdered Sugar

Dunkin’ Donuts announced today that it’s planning to remove titanium dioxide, a whitening agent often used in toothpaste and sunscreen as well as other products, from all powdered sugar used on its doughnuts. [More]

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Schlepping to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up a case of the donut chain’s coffee in K-Cup format will soon be a thing of the past. In a response to growing competition, Dunkin’ announced a sales policy reversal of sorts by making single-coffee pods – which are currently only available at Dunkin’ restaurants – available for purchase at a variety of grocery stores, drug stores and warehouse stores, as well as online, later this year. [Reuters]

White Chocolate Raspberry Fights Red Velvet To Become Official Valentine’s Day Flavor

As February approaches, it’s time for a Flavor Battle. The fast-food, candy, and coffee-shop industries must decide what the official natural and artificial flavor of Valentine’s Day is. Is it red velvet or white chocolate raspberry? These two flavors must battle it out to become the pumpkin spice of early February. Dunkin’ Donuts has cast its vote, introducing white chocolate raspberry flavored coffee and lattes. The chain apparently believes that red velvet is a Christmas flavor, having put it on their 2013 holiday novelty drink menu. [The Impulsive Buy]


Yes, Even Dunkin’ Donuts Will Be Ditching Its Familiar Foam Cups After NYC Ban

Following the announcement yesterday that a new initiative in New York would effectively ban the use of extruded polystyrene – commonly referred to as styrofoam – containers by this summer, one of the cities largest users of the receptacles, Dunkin’ Donuts, says it will ditch its iconic cups in more than 500 stores. [More]

Dunkin’ Donuts Selling A Pizza Bagel, Refuses To Call It A Pizza Bagel

Dunkin’ Donuts Selling A Pizza Bagel, Refuses To Call It A Pizza Bagel

What do you get when you take a bagel, slather it in tomato sauce, pile mozzarella cheese atop it with a dash of Italian seasonings and bake the whole thing in an oven? Easy, it’s a pizza bagel. A quick look around the Internet shows that’s the consensus elsewhere too, however hard Dunkin’ Donuts might be trying to act like the aforementioned combo is not, in fact, a pizza bagel. [More]

Review Of Dunkin’ Donuts Not-A-Cronut: It’s The Lookalike Pet Parents Buy When Real One Dies

Review Of Dunkin’ Donuts Not-A-Cronut: It’s The Lookalike Pet Parents Buy When Real One Dies

Earlier this week, Dunkin’ Donuts announced that it was jumping on the call-it-anything-but-a-Cronut craze by offering its own croissant/donut hybrid. Alas, the early word from one fan of the original Cronut is not so appetizing. [More]

Don’t Call It A Cronut: Dunkin’ Donuts To Start Selling A Cross Between A Croissant & A Donut

Don’t Call It A Cronut: Dunkin’ Donuts To Start Selling A Cross Between A Croissant & A Donut

In a world where you can get a cease and desist letter to stop you from even thinking of calling a croissant/doughnut crossover a cronut, Dunkin’ Donuts knows it has two choices: It can either ignore the (fading) fad of frankenpastries, or it can just play this thing completely straight and call its new croissant-like doughnut/doughnut-like croissant what it is… a croissant donut. [More]

Dunkin' Donuts decided consumers weren't getting enough coffee in their coffee, so they're now offering coffee-flavored granola bars.

An Actual Cup Of Coffee Isn’t Enough For Dunkin’ Donuts, Now You Can Have A Coffee-Flavored Granola Bar

There’s obviously some kind of Frankenstein-like science experiment happening at the nation’s coffee and donut shops. First Starbucks began testing a beer-flavored coffee, and now Dunkin’ Donuts is pedaling a coffee-flavored granola bar. What happened to regular coffee and breakfast items? Are they just not enough anymore? [More]

Dunkin’ Donuts Fulfills Prophecy, Opens Store In California

Dunkin’ Donuts Fulfills Prophecy, Opens Store In California

As it was foretold in the early days (of 2013), Dunkin’ Donuts, the chain once banished from the shores of the Pacific Southwest (okay, so the few that existed closed in the ’90s because of slow sales) has returned to sugar-up the mornings of Californians (or at least those who happen to be near the one open location in Santa Monica). [More]

Coffee-Flavored Doughnuts Now Available At Dunkin’ Donuts

Coffee-Flavored Doughnuts Now Available At Dunkin’ Donuts

Earlier this year, Krispy Kreme stuffed doughnuts with mocha filling and drizzled coffee flavoring on top. If that sounds delicious, well, too bad: they’re no longer on the menu, replaced with more summery banana creme and carrot cake flavors. Don’t worry, though: coffee-and-pastry competitor Dunkin’ Donuts is here to save us all with doughnuts that don’t have to be dunked to taste like coffee. [More]


Dunkin’ Donuts Wants Cashiers To Do More Upselling To Afternoon Customers

Are you one of the many people who pops into a Dunkin’ Donuts on your way home from work, not to buy a box of glazed chocolate Munchkins, but to get your caffeine fix? Well, get ready to have cashiers try to suggest you also purchase donuts, sandwiches and other items, because the chain’s CEO says stores aren’t doing enough upselling in the afternoon. [More]