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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Order Your EpiPens From Canada

One solution that some families have used in response to the soaring cost of Mylan’s EpiPen, an essential product for people with life-threatening allergies, is to order the product from a cheaper pharmacy in Canada instead. While this might appear to be a solid plan, the problem is that “Canadian” pharmacies aren’t always necessarily what they claim to be online. [More]


Diabetes Patients Are Losing Limbs And Sight Because They Can’t Afford Insulin

Earlier this week, we shared the concerns of patients who are struggling with the rising cost of EpiPens, injection devices that can save lives in the case of a severe allergic reaction to foods or other substances. The important thing about EpiPens, though, is that patients hope to never actually need to use them. Another drug with significant recent price increases, insulin, has to be taken every day… when patients can afford it. [More]

Joel Zimmer

5 Reasons Prescription Drug Prices Are Going Up For Many Americans

If you feel like you’re paying more for medication, you’re not alone. A new investigation from our colleagues at Consumer Reports finds that one-third of Americans are seeing higher prices for prescriptions, and one-in-six people chose to avoid getting a prescription filled because of the cost. So what’s behind the increased cost of staying well? [More]

Feds Say Drug Company Illegally Blocked Lower-Cost Generics From Entering Market

Feds Say Drug Company Illegally Blocked Lower-Cost Generics From Entering Market

When a drug patent nears its end, drug companies sometimes do really stupid, potentially illegal things to delay or prevent their bottom line being dinged by a lower-cost generic version. One drug company is accused of not just paying off a generic drug maker to delay the release of its version of two medications, but further hurting consumers by agreeing to not compete with the generic. [More]

Dem Gains Make Big Pharma Queasy

Dem Gains Make Big Pharma Queasy

In other news, Democratic control of Congress cured our dyspepsia. — BEN POPKEN