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Court Rules Drone Hobbyists Don’t Have To Register With FAA

An appeals court has overturned a recent Federal Aviation Administration rule requiring hobbyists drone operators to register their tiny unmanned, non-commercial aircraft. [More]

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Amazon Now Working On Self-Driving Vehicles For Deliveries

Between drones, leased planes, and its own fleet of Flex drivers, Amazon has a decent foothold in the transportation-and-delivery market. But now the company apparently has an eye on the future, and it involves driverless vehicles.  [More]

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Amazon Prime Air Drone Drops Off Sunscreen In First U.S. Demo

When Amazon completed its first ever drone delivery in the United Kingdom last year, the company released official footage touting its latest milestone. But its first demo flight on this side of the pond was a much quieter affair, captured by a bystander at a recent company event. [More]

Pre-Order Customers Receive Refunds From Bankrupt Drone Startup Lily

Pre-Order Customers Receive Refunds From Bankrupt Drone Startup Lily

Back in 2015, a video promoting a consumer camera drone went viral. The product, called Lily, wasn’t just adorable. It promised to be easy to use, waterproof, and fly and record autonomously for 20 minutes at a time, following behind the wearer. Just under two years and tens of millions of dollars later, Lily Robotics was raided by federal agents, the company has filed for bankruptcy, and customers never received their drones. [More]


UPS Testing Residential Drone Deliveries Launched From Trucks

After first testing the idea of using drones to deliver packages to extra remote locations, UPS is making its move into more residential skies with octocopters that can be launched from roving trucks. [More]


Amazon Files Patent For Parachuting Packages From Drones

Now that Amazon’s Prime Air delivery drones have made their first dropoff, it seems the e-commerce giant wants to make the process even more efficient: Instead of unmanned aerial vehicles landing to set a package on the ground, Amazon has cooked up an idea for fly-by deliveries. [More]

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Taxi Drones Preparing To Take Off In Dubai

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a reference to Superman — no, it’s a drone, and instead of carrying a package or even a six-pack of beer, it’s ferrying humans through the skies over Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. [More]

FAA Slaps Company With $200K Fine For Flying Drones Over NYC & Chicago

FAA Slaps Company With $200K Fine For Flying Drones Over NYC & Chicago

Lest you think The Man won’t come after you for sending commercial drones whizzing through congested airspace over some of our nation’s biggest cities, think again: the Federal Aviation Administration has reached a $200,000 settlement witha company accused of conducting 65 illegal flights in the skies above Chicago and New York City. [More]

Apple Reportedly Taking On Google Maps With Road-Tracking Drones

Apple Reportedly Taking On Google Maps With Road-Tracking Drones

When it comes to tracking and recording America’s roadways it makes sense that companies like Google would deploy camera-equipped vehicles to cruise the streets. But Apple has a different idea: take to the sky.  [More]

GoPro Recalls Recently Launched Drones After Some Stop Working

GoPro Recalls Recently Launched Drones After Some Stop Working

GoPro only released its new $800 (no camera included) Karma drone two weeks ago, but the flying photo-taking device has already been recalled because some of them simply stopped working.


Amazon Patents Pocket-Sized, Voice-Controlled Drones

There you are, driving up and down rows of cars, looking for the right parking spot. What if you could release a tiny drone into the air, and tell it to help out with the search? That’s the kind of future Amazon is looking toward with a new patent for voice-controlled drones that can fit in your pocket. [More]


Verizon Joins AT&T In Testing Drones That Act As Flying LTE Antennae

There are certain times in every wireless company’s life when their network needs a boost, whether it’s because of a natural disaster or the pope’s in town. On the heels of AT&T’s announcement that it’s testing drones as flying LTE antennae, Verizon Wireless says it’s been doing basically the same thing, and has been working on it for the past few years. [More]


UPS Testing Using Drones For Package Deliveries In Remote Locations

Whether it’s robotic carrier pigeons or unmanned aircraft dropping off burritos, drones are big in the delivery world. UPS is the latest company to take to the drone-filled skies and see if the aerial vehicles are the right fit for its delivery system. [More]

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Google Will Actually Deliver Burritos By Drone To Some Lucky College Kids

The eternal college conundrum: I am hungry, but too tired, busy, lazy, hungry, or hung-over to go to the place where the food I want is being sold. Why can’t lunch just appear on command and drop out of the sky? [More]


Mercedes Working On Delivery Vans That Deploy Robotic Carrier Pigeons

These days, it seems like you can’t turn around without bumping into news about drones or electric vehicles. Mercedes has combined those two trendy topics with one vehicle it’s working on: an electric delivery van outfitted with two small pilotless aircraft capable of carrying small items to their final destination. [More]

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Drone Operators Could Outnumber Private Aviation Pilots In Just One Year

Two months after the Federal Aviation Administration released regulations governing the use of drones, thousands of would-be pilots have lined up to take the test to get licensed to fly on the first day it became available. The rush to fly the unmanned aircraft isn’t just for the novelty, it’s opening the door for new business possibilities for companies and entrepreneurs alike.   [More]

Amazon Testing “PrimeAir” Drone Delivery In UK

Amazon Testing “PrimeAir” Drone Delivery In UK

While Amazon hasn’t received the okay to begin using drones to make deliveries in the U.S., that isn’t stopping the e-commerce giant from trying the method in the UK. [More]

Amazon Patents Way To Turn Lampposts, Church Steeples Into Drone Perches

Amazon Patents Way To Turn Lampposts, Church Steeples Into Drone Perches

For the past few years, Amazon has been working on plans that would unleash a fleet of drones to handle some deliveries – from unveiling a prototype that acts more like a “horse than a car” and a patent for propellers that tell bystanders to “look out.” Now, another recently released patent shows what those little flying machines might be doing while they aren’t ferrying your Prime deliveries: sitting on a lamppost.  [More]