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Håkan Dahlström

Apple’s Tim Cook Sees Self-Driving Cars As “Mother Of All AI Projects”

Ever since we heard the first whispers that Apple was working on some kind of car project, people have wondered whether the electronics company would actually produce a vehicle, or if it was focusing more on the technology side of things. Now we have an answer, straight from the mouth of CEO Tim Cook. [More]


Is The Honeymoon Over For Pittsburgh & Uber’s Driverless Car Program?

Compared to Uber’s ugly, contentious one-week test of self-driving cars in San Francisco , the ridesharing company’s nine-month-old self-driving program in Pittsburgh has been rather peaceful. But after a number of broken promises, some city leaders are reportedly regretting this arrangement. [More]

Tony Webster

Waymo And Lyft Teaming Up To Work On Self-Driving Cars

If Uber and Google haven’t already stopped wearing the Best Friends Forever necklaces they exchanged way back when, well, they’re definitely chucking those things in the garbage now: Google’s Waymo is partnering up with Uber’s sworn enemy, Lyft, to collaborate on autonomous vehicles. [More]


Google’s Waymo Now Offering Self-Driving Car Rides To The Public

Google’s Waymo is taking another step toward its driverless car future in Arizona, where the company is now accepting applications for a new program that gives regular people access to its fleet of self-driving minivans. [More]

Mike Seyfang

Amazon Now Working On Self-Driving Vehicles For Deliveries

Between drones, leased planes, and its own fleet of Flex drivers, Amazon has a decent foothold in the transportation-and-delivery market. But now the company apparently has an eye on the future, and it involves driverless vehicles.  [More]

Apple Prepping To Test Its Self-Driving Cars On Public Roads

Despite major staffing shakeups in its autonomous driving project last year, Apple is reportedly gearing up to unleash cars equipped with its driverless technology on California’s public streets. [More]


California DMV Releases Proposed Rules For Driverless Vehicles

After a high-profile spat with Uber of self-driving cars that were operating in San Francisco without proper permission, the state of California has proposed new rules that would make it easier for companies to test truly autonomous cars — no one behind the wheel at all — on the state’s roads. [More]


Google Spinning Self-Driving Car Project Off Into Company Called ‘Waymo’

Google’s self-driving car project is now a separate company and it has a new name: it wants you to call it Waymo. Perhaps short for “way more” driverless cars? [More]


Uber Launching Self-Driving Ride-Share Vehicles In Pittsburgh This Month

The ride-sharing experience of the future is coming to Pittsburgh this month, when Uber will launch a fleet of autonomous cars — custom Volvo XC90s — that come with a human being to supervise in the driver’s seat. [More]

Of Course The Rolls-Royce Driverless Electric Car Has A Silk Sofa & A Light-Up Red Carpet

Of Course The Rolls-Royce Driverless Electric Car Has A Silk Sofa & A Light-Up Red Carpet

Listen, anyone expecting a Rolls-Royce vehicle that isn’t insanely luxurious and likely very, very expensive is living in a dream world. So we’re not shocked whatsoever to learn that BMW’s plan for a driverless, electric Rolls Royce includes such niceties as a silk love seat, light-up red carpet, and a virtual assistant owners will probably end up falling in love with a la Her. [More]

Great Beyond

Google & Fiat Chrysler Rumored To Be Working On Driverless Minivans Together

Taking the kids to soccer practice in the future might still involve minivans, but mom and dad won’t necessarily be driving them. Rumor has it that Fiat Chrysler and Google are teaming up to develop an autonomous vehicle based on the carmaker’s Pacifica minivans. [More]


Volvo Heading To China To Test 100 Self-Driving Cars

Volvo is making moves in the world of autonomous vehicles, with a newly announced plan to experiment with driverless technology in China using real people as test drivers. [More]

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Here’s What It Looked Like When Google’s Self-Driving Car Hit A City Bus

If you’re the kind of person who likes watching high-speed car crashes and riveting action sequences with lots of big explosions, then watching a video of Google’s self-driving car hitting the side of a municipal bus last month is not for you.


DMV Report: Google Self-Driving Car Hit City Bus While Changing Lanes

DMV Report: Google Self-Driving Car Hit City Bus While Changing Lanes

Google has been quick to point out in the past that its self-driving cars haven’t been at fault for any of the accidents they’ve been involved in. In what could be the first incident that’s the driverless car’s fault, a California Department of Motor Vehicles report says a Google Lexus hit a city bus while in autonomous mode. [More]

Google Sending Its Self-Driving Cars To Washington State To Face The Rain

Google Sending Its Self-Driving Cars To Washington State To Face The Rain

Tooling around in the California sunshine is one thing, but what will a self-driving car do when rolling on wet, slippery roads in the rain? Google is sending its test fleet of driverless cars up the coast to Washington to find out. [More]

California DMV: Self-Driving Cars Must Have A Licensed Driver Behind The Wheel

California DMV: Self-Driving Cars Must Have A Licensed Driver Behind The Wheel

While California’s highways and byways are filling up with self-driving prototypes right now, the state Department of Motor Vehicles is laying down some rules of the road that, if finalized, will mean it could take longer for the public to get their hands on driverless cars. [More]

Don Buciak II

Ford Joining The Auto Pack, Will Head To California To Test A Driverless Car In 2016

Google, Tesla and other companies endeavoring to get a driverless vehicle on the market one day will soon have yet another automaker joining them on the testing roads in California: Ford Motor Co. says it’s taking its own autonomous prototype for a few spins on the West Coast. [More]


Google Self-Driving Car Pulled Over For Going Too Slow

You probably know the feeling: you’re driving along happily at the speed limit, on your way to work or school or that new mud-wrestling pit that just opened up, when suddenly, you’re forced to slow down to a veritable crawl, stuck puttering onward below the speed limit because one driver is moving at a snail’s pace. Who could be such a sadist? It could be a self-driving car, like the Google vehicle police pulled over yesterday.