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Some Banks Offering Tech Employees Mortgages With No Down Payment

Usually when you hear about banks offering home loans with low down-payment requirements, it’s intended to attract first-time homeowners who may not have the tens of thousands of dollars it can take to make the full 20% upfront payment. However, some banks in high-priced areas in and around Silicon Valley are using 0% down-payment loans in an attempt to attract well-heeled tech employees. [More]

3 Steps To Start Saving Up For A Down Payment

3 Steps To Start Saving Up For A Down Payment

Amassing a giant chunk of change is the best way to nail down a lower payment for a vehicle or home, but the process can be so long and arduous that it prevents you from proceeding. The key to following through with your goal is to set a reasonable plan in place and stick to it. The tough part is to find a way to get the ball rolling. [More]

10 Ways To Build A Down Payment

If the one thing standing between you and your dream home is a down payment, Bankrate has some suggestions that may help you come up with one: