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Starbucks “Addresses” DoubleShot “Concerns”

More DoubleShot. Steven Roemerman was so upset by Starbucks suing his favorite local coffee shop that he decided to write them and complain. This is the form letter they sent him back:

DoubleShot Coffee Considers Starbucks Capitulation

DoubleShot Coffee Considers Starbucks Capitulation

You might remember DoubleShot Coffee owner Brian Franklin, who is being sued by Starbucks for trademark violation. They claim they “own” the name of the common industry term “doubleshot.” They also claim they own the trademarks on “coffee, the complete works of Herman Melville, your immortal soul and your wife’s loins.”

DoubleShot Coffee To Customers: Mistook Us For Starbucks? You’re An Idiot.

More words of wisdom from our favorite anti-Starbucks crusader, Brian Franklin, proprietor of DoubleShot Coffee:

DoubleShot Coffee Fights Back Against Starbucks

Yesterday, we reported on DoubleShot Coffee, a small Tulsa coffee shop that had been sued by Starbucks for infringing on their Doubleshot trademark. Well, the outspoken owner of DoubleShot Coffee, Brian Franklin, is fighting back via his company blog: