don’t you know who i am

One of the Tweets that ultimately led to JetBlue refusing to allow the passenger to board.

JetBlue Refuses Boarding To YouTube Semi-Celebrity After He Unleashes Twitter Followers

For better or worse, we live in an age where a new breed of Internet sorta-celebrity can threaten to unleash the power of their social media following on any person or business they don’t like. That’s what happened last week when a YouTube personality with several hundred thousand fans got upset about a fee for changing his JetBlue ticket. But after using his Twitter followers to hassle the airline, he found himself blocked from boarding his flight home. [More]

Bank CEO Uses NYPD As Personal Thugs

Bank CEO Uses NYPD As Personal Thugs

NYC citizen Jeff Boyle called the CEO of Valley National Bank at home to complain about some illegal construction noise. The CEO Gerald “Don’t You Know Who I Am” Lipkin, rather than apologizing for the racket, “flipped out.”