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Woman Out $250 After Falling Victim To Comcast, Amazon Fake Promotion Scheme

Consider yourself warned: Scammers are taking advantage of the recent news that Amazon is selling access to Comcast services, faking calls from the cable company to steal money from unwitting victims.

Abe would not approve of his $5 bill being associated with this bad offer. Then again, he died 100 years before Comcast was founded. (Photo: frankieleon)

Comcast Thinks $5 Discount Is All Customers Need To Give Up 95% Of Monthly Data Allotment

More than a year after Time Warner Cable somehow began suckering people into severely limiting their broadband usage to only 5GB/month — the equivalent of a few HD Netflix movies — for a mere $5 drop in monthly rates, Comcast has decided it wants in on this sucker’s bet too. [More]