Alan Rappa

Goodwill Has A Use For That Pile Of Amazon Boxes In Your Garage

If you’ve been shopping online a lot this holiday season or just in general, you probably have a lot of cardboard boxes in your house that you don’t need. You could break them down and recycle them, or you could fill them with crap around the house that you don’t need and make someone else recycle them. [More]

Adam Fagen

Patagonia Will Donate All Black Friday Sales To Charity

Outdoor outfitter REI is staying closed on Black Friday and encouraging customers and employees alike to spend the day enjoying the outdoors. Well, Patagonia, a company that has its own outdoorsy retail stores in addition to supplying REI, decided to do something different to work against commercialization of a shopping holiday: the company plans to donate all of its Black Friday sales to environmental charities. [More]

Apple Pay Will Now Let Users Donate To Charitable Organizations

Apple Pay Will Now Let Users Donate To Charitable Organizations

As we head into the holidays, giving to charitable organizations might be something you’re thinking about. You’ll have another option for how you can do that, with Apple announcing today that Apple Pay now supports donations to non-profits. [More]

Tracy O

Americans Give More Than $1B To Charity Every Day

Usually, the stories we come across that deal with large amounts of money often detail the exchange of millions or billions of dollars between huge companies in mega-mergers and pricy business deals. But there are others shelling out cash every day, and they’re giving it to charitable organizations to the record-breaking tune of $1 billion per day. [More]

Bill Binns

Starbucks Announces Plans To Donate All Edible Unsold Food

In the last few years, Starbucks has significantly expanded its repertoire of breakfast and lunch foods other than pastries. What it hasn’t been able to do is figure out a consistent way to donate all of those salads and sandwiches so that they don’t go to waste. Founder and CEO Howard Schultz announced today in an interview that this is going to change. [More]

(Dan Domme)

If You’ve Received The Gift Of New Gadgets, Recycle The Old Ones Or Pass Them On

Many of you are now enjoying new gadgets, whether it’s from a winter holiday present or post-holiday clearance sale self-gifting. If your new item replaced an old one, don’t throw the old one in a drawer: consider recycling it or passing it on to an organization that re-uses technology. Yep, there really is someone out there interested in your old game console and conference swag flash drives. [More]

California Car Donation Charities Misrepresented Charitable Programs, Misdirected Donations

California Car Donation Charities Misrepresented Charitable Programs, Misdirected Donations

From time to time you may hear of a charity that accepts the donation of older, used vehicles that owners simply no longer have use for, promising to donate the profit of the future sale to a charitable program. While it might seem like a fairly straightforward operation, the state of California claims two such groups weren’t keeping their promises, instead using the funds to pay for their own expenses.  [More]

(Salvation Army)

Anonymous Donors Leave $500,000 Check In Minnesota Salvation Army Kettle

Anonymous donors in Minnesota’s Twin Cities were certainly in the giving mood over the weekend, slipping a $500,000 check into a Salvation Army kettle. Unsurprisingly, it’s snagged the record for the area’s biggest kettle donation to date.



Kentucky City Allowing Motorists To Pay Parking Tickets With Canned Food For A Month

Residents of Lexington, KY now have another option along with searching through their couch cushions to come up with payment for parking tickets: the city will allow motorists to pay for their citations with canned goods throughout the month of November.


This is not one of the boxes in question, though it is a clothing drop box. (JeepersMedia)

Group Must Pay $700K Penalty For Allegedly Profiting From ‘Charity’ Donation Bins

How do you turn a charitable donation into a scam? Take the donated item and sell it for a profit, instead of giving it to the needy. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said his office has reached a settlement with a for-profit company accused of doing just that, by way of more than 1,100 clothing donation bins scattered throughout the New York City area. [More]

Minnesota AG Lori Swanson says her office has received a number of complaints from people who donated to Wheels for Wishes believing that a large portion of their donation would benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. According to Swanson's report, only about 20% of that money went to the foundation, while millions went to for-profit companies owned by the Wheels for Wishes' founders.

Report: “Wheels For Wishes” Charity Misled Donors About Make-A-Wish Donations

Car Donation Foundation, more popularly known as “Wheels for Wishes,” is the nation’s largest auto donation charity. Every year, it takes in millions of dollars from donated cars for the supposed purpose of benefiting local chapters of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. But Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson says the charity has been misleading donors about its connections to Make-A-Wish and about how much money that organization was getting from the donated vehicles. [More]

Surprise, Surprise: Comments In Favor Of Comcast/TWC Merger Come From Groups Comcast Has Donated To

Surprise, Surprise: Comments In Favor Of Comcast/TWC Merger Come From Groups Comcast Has Donated To

Large companies do a lot of philanthropic and community giving. Comcast is not alone on that front: volunteerism, grants, donations, and employee matching are common, perhaps even standard, at many of America’s biggest businesses. But where Comcast differs is that they, very publicly, turn their valuable giving into an unpaid army of on-demand lobbyists whenever they have a company to buy. Like Time Warner Cable.


(Adam Fagen)

Please Do Not Donate Your Cremated Loved Ones To Goodwill

After someone dies, it’s normal to box up all of their stuff and take it to the nearest thrift store. However, it’s probably a good idea to give some of that stuff a cursory check first. Not just because you might be inadvertently giving away some serious valuables, but because the earthly remains of your relatives have a poor resale value at Goodwill. [More]


Former Salvation Army Bell Ringer Offers $21K To Return Widow’s Donated Wedding Rings

Remember the story of the widow who donated her wedding rings to the Salvation Army? One good turn deserves another, as another anonymous donor is stepping up to buy the rings for $21,000 — so she can return them to their generous owner.



Terrible Person Steals Jar Of Donations For The Jimmy Fund

Stealing a tip jar is pretty low, but do you know what’s even lower? Stealing a donation jar. Possibly even lower than that is stealing a donation jar for children. Children with cancer. Yet someone in Massachusetts did just that, stealing a jar of donations for the Jimmy Fund from a bar. [More]

A Friendly Reminder: Check Furniture For Cats Before Donating It To Charity

A Friendly Reminder: Check Furniture For Cats Before Donating It To Charity

It is a very good thing to donate to the charity of your choice. But unless that charity is looking for a furry friend, it’s best to check all donated items for the presence of your cat, especially if he has an affinity for hiding in places like say, that old couch you don’t want anymore. [More]

Report: Telemarketers Pocket Nearly 2/3 Of Charity Donations

Report: Telemarketers Pocket Nearly 2/3 Of Charity Donations

While the person who calls you to ask for a charitable donation is probably representing a non-profit organization, that telemarketer may be employed by a for-profit fundraising company hired by the charity. But just how much of what you’re giving ends up going to the charity, and how much goes to line the telemarketer’s pockets? [More]

What Happens If You Donate Your Car, Then Someone Steals It?

What Happens If You Donate Your Car, Then Someone Steals It?

Let’s say that you have a clunker of a car that won’t sell for very much money, and there’s a charity you’d like to support. You hand over the car, they take care of selling it, and you get a charitable tax deduction. Seems delightfully simple…until someone steals your car off the lot where the charity was storing it until auction. [More]