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Jeep Recalled For Gear Shift Issue Linked To Star Trek Actor’s Death

When Fiat Chrysler (FCA) recalled 811,000 Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300, and Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles in April over concerns about the cars’ confusing electronic gear shifter, the carmaker said it was aware of more than 100 crashes, including 41 injuries, resulting from drivers inadvertently leaving their vehicles in gear with the engine running. The issue is now being linked to the death of a young actor over the weekend.  [More]

The Dodge Brothers Weren’t Ford Employees; Died Long Before The Challenger & Charger Were Made

In a series of recent ads exploring the creation and evolution of Dodge and its famous Challenger and Charger models, the car maker harkens all the way back to its origins as the Dodge Brothers Company to evoke a sense of spirit and competitiveness. While these commercials are successful in eliciting the desired emotional response, the company isn’t quite telling the truth about John and Horace Dodge and their role in creating these popular muscle cars. [More]

Want To Look At A Car? Dodge Dealership Needs All Of Your Info

Want To Look At A Car? Dodge Dealership Needs All Of Your Info

Allen wanted to look at a new Dodge Charger. Not test-drive it. Just look at it, and maybe check out the interior or sit inside. But the dealership he visited wouldn’t let him even look at the car without taking down his name, address, driver’s license information, and phone number. Annoyed, he left the dealership and did a Google Images search or something instead.


The root problem for the guy whose Dodge Charger dashboard lights would flash in the rain and then he would have trouble restarting was…frayed and rubbing wires.