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Former Countrywide Exec Who Helped Secure Bank Of America’s Billion-Dollar Settlement Gets $57M

Back in August, the Department of Justice announced a record-setting $16.65 billion settlement with Bank of America to resolve multiple federal and state claims involving the bank’s bad behavior leading up to the collapse of the housing market. Now, the former executive who became a whistle-blower to assist federal prosecutors in the matter is set to receive $57 million of the hefty settlement. [More]

Think You Can Cure The Nation's Budget Woes?

Think You Can Cure The Nation's Budget Woes?

In these days of financial frailty, there is a lot of armchair quarterbacking going on about what needs to be done to fix the federal budget. Over at the New York Times, they’ve actually put together an interactive way for you to try your hand at meddling with the nation’s checkbook. [More]