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Whirlpool Welcomes Me To The Era Of Disposable Appliances

What’s worse than an appliance breaking down and having to pay for the expensive repair? When it happens and the appliance is only a few weeks out of warranty. That’s what happened to Jonathan. His Whirlpool refrigerator broke down when he had owned it for thirteen months. Yes, a repair was possible, but cost only $300 less than he originally paid for the fridge. What’s with all of these disposable appliances? [More]

LG Rep: Washers And Dryers Are Not Meant To Last

LG Rep: Washers And Dryers Are Not Meant To Last

Morgan called up LG looking for a part for his dryer. He had learned that he wouldn’t be able to get the appliance repaired. That was disappointing, because he paid $1,000 for it only seven years ago. He was already frustrated enough when an LG customer service rep said the words that prompted him to write to Consumerist. [More]

Yes, Televisions Are Pretty Much Disposable Now

It seems like an ancient, lost world now, but there was once a time when people bought electronics or appliances, and when they broke down, they hired someone to repair the item and kept using it. This may not sound weird and obsolete to you or to me or to reader Donna. Toshiba, on the other hand, certainly thinks that it’s not worthwhile to repair the television that she paid $1,800 for in 2007. She doesn’t want anything for free, and is willing to pay for parts and repair. Only the needed part isn’t available from Toshiba, or from anyone. [More]

Sorry, Your Four-Year-Old $3K Oven Is Too Old To Repair

Sorry, Your Four-Year-Old $3K Oven Is Too Old To Repair

Are all appliances, not just cheap ones, now considered disposable? Celia tells Consumerist that she paid $3,000 for her KitchenAid double oven four and a half years ago. The appliance broke down after she did something completely unreasonable during Thanksgiving: she tried to use both ovens at the same time. After a lengthy attempt to get it repaired, she learned that it wouldn’t be possible to get the oven fixed. Why? Because Whirlpool, parent company of KitchenAid, doesn’t make the part anymore. [More]