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Doritos Means “Little Golden Things,” And They Were Invented At Disneyland

People might have freaked out when a Starbucks opened within the Main Street Bakery at Walt Disney World, but how soon we forget. Cross-branding is nothing new. When Disneyland opened, it featured a Mexican(ish) restaurant called Casa de Fritos run by the Frito company. It was on New Orleans Street, near another product-placement eatery: Aunt Jemima’s Pancake House. It at the Casa de Fritos that the beloved Dorito was invented. Yes, really. [More]

Disney’s New Guest Bands Are Either Crazy Awesome Or Super Creepy

Disney’s New Guest Bands Are Either Crazy Awesome Or Super Creepy

On the one hand, if you love large, furry, costumed characters, you’ll probably be tickled pink if Goofy waltzed up to you at Disneyland with your name on his lip’s as a greeting. But if you’re terrified of talking animals well then a Goofy who says “Hello, [Your Name]!” is the epitome of all your worst nightmares combined. Thus is the reality of Disney’s new trackable guest bands. [More]

Aldus Huxley's Brave New World entered the public domain in Canada yesterday, but not in the U.S., where it will remain protected for another 20 years.

Celebrate Public Domain Day… By Realizing That Not A Single Published Work Will Become Public Domain Until 2019

As happens every January, various pieces of literature, scholarship, film, music, plays, and other copyrighted works of art enter into the public domain, meaning the public has the right to publish, perform, use, and display these works without seeking permission. That is, except in the U.S., where not a single published work will be joining the public domain until 2019. [More]


Sure, You Bought a Disney Digital Movie from Amazon, But You’ll Never Own It

Instantly accessible movies, TV shows, and games are one of the most convenient inventions of the early 21st century, but they’re not without their problems.  One big problem?  Just because you bought and paid for a digital good doesn’t mean you actually get to keep it.


Hulu Looking To Partner Up With Cable, Wireless Providers

Hulu Looking To Partner Up With Cable, Wireless Providers

In a move that could stem the tide of cord-cutting while also broadening Hulu’s subscriber base, the streaming video service is reportedly in talks with Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and others to bring Hulu to cable customers through their set-top boxes. [More]

DirecTV, TWC, Charter Mulling Over Aereo-Like Services

DirecTV, TWC, Charter Mulling Over Aereo-Like Services

While Aereo — the online service that transmits over-the-air network feeds to subscribers’ computers and mobile devices — is slugging it out with broadcasters in court, the operators of several cable and satellite services are reportedly looking to launch similar products of their own, setting the stage for an all-new TV war. [More]

Broadcasters Want To Fast-Forward To Supreme Court Decision On Aereo

Broadcasters Want To Fast-Forward To Supreme Court Decision On Aereo

When the broadcast networks first sued Aereo over allegations of copyright infringement, the TV-streaming service was only available in the New York City area. In the short time since, it has expanded to Boston, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Salt Lake City, with plans to add around 20 more markets in the coming months. In a move that seems intended to preempt this growth, the networks are reportedly asking for their case to get Supreme Court attention ASAP. [More]

An extended dispute between Disney and Dish could lead to a blackout of ESPN and ABC.

Dish Customers, Prepare For Potential ESPN (And ABC, Disney) Blackout

UPDATE: As expected, the two parties reached an 11th hour agreement to extend the talks past the Monday deadline. No details were provided about when an actual deal would need to be reached in order to avoid the blackout. [More]


Disney Taking Away Line-Skipping For Disabled Guests Because Some People Are Jerks

After it was revealed that some impatient but well-heeled visitors to Disney parks were hiring disabled “tour guides” just to avoid long wait times for rides and other attractions, park operators have revised this straight-to-the-front policy with the hope of making it less attractive to opportunistic jerks. [More]

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Petition Claims Disneyland Paris Is A Sad Wasteland Full Of Broken Rides & Reheated Food

No matter where a land of Disney, or perhaps a world of Disney exists, the mental image that springs to mind is one of happy cartoon characters, colorful, whirling rides and the sweet laughs of joyous children. But one petition claims Disneyland Paris is more like a ramshackle exercise in enduring a broken-down world sunk into the very the bowels of sadness and microwaved food, and is calling on Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger to fix it. [More]


It’s A Small World, But Apparently Big Enough To Steal 50 Identities To Fund 17 Disney Vacations

Upon hearing that a man stands accused of stealing the identities of 50 people in order to finance 17 Disney vacations, one might think it sounds like a tall order to successfully get away with that many crimes… and also? Is going on 17 vacations with Mickey Mouse really  necessary? [More]

No Sale For Hulu… For Now

No Sale For Hulu… For Now

In recent months, there have been numerous rumors that companies like Yahoo, DirecTV, and AT&T were interested in buying video-streaming service Hulu, which is currently owned by the unholy trinity of FOX, NBC, and Disney. But today, the trio of owners confirmed they are staying put and will actually pump some more of their own money into the business. [More]

Want To Go To Disney World For The Day? That’ll Be $95. Yes, Just For You. No, That’s Not A Joke.


Over the weekend, the anthropomorphic mice-that-be at Disney greedily rubbed their four-fingered hands together and raised prices on tickets to both Disneyland and Disney World, where it will now cost an adult $95 just to step through the gates at the Magic Kingdom. [More]

When you wish upon a star you still aren't a Disney.

Guy Using The Last Name “Disney” Caught Giving Stolen Disneyland Tickets To Charity

Listen, if you want to go around and tell people, “Yeah, I’m related to Walt Disney,” even if it isn’t true, that’s up to you. But one man allegedly impersonating a Disney heir took that delusion to another level when he, again, allegedly, passed off stolen Disneyland tickets as the real deal.


Printing Error Turns Pixar Kiddie Pool Into Informational Image On Bad Touching

Printing Error Turns Pixar Kiddie Pool Into Informational Image On Bad Touching

What should be a happy photo of a mom hanging out in the yard with her two boys in their cool new Pixar-themed pool is horribly, terribly, tragically transformed into something much darker, all thanks to an apparent error at the printing press that managed to slip through unnoticed. [More]


Dad Not Thrilled With Response When Child Goes Missing On Disney Cruise

It’s every parent’s nightmare — you leave your young child in the care of someone else for a few hours, only to return and find your kid has gone AWOL. [More]


Family Suing Disneyland Over Claims Park Employee Was Racist

A San Diego family is suing Disneyland, claiming that while their two children were trying to greet an employee dressed up as the White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland, the worker shunned the young boys because they’re black. The alleged incident went down last August, and the family says they don’t want other children to have the same experience. [More]


New Disney World Visitor Tracking System Raises Privacy Concerns

Starting this spring, visitors to Disney World in Florida will be able to take part in a new program called MyMagic+ that allows them, via smart wristbands, to pay for purchases on the fly or reserve a spot in line for a ride. But is this coming at the expense of customer privacy? [More]