Domino’s Offering 50% Off All Pizzas Ordered Online Through March 22

Because sitting in front of the TV watching basketball game after basketball game can really get your appetite worked up, Domino’s is trying to capitalize on March Madness by offering a 50% discount on all pizzas ordered online this week.


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Americans Don’t Think Personal Data Is Secure, Still Trade It For Coupons

What information are you willing to give up to get a discount or other benefits from a retailer? The consulting company Accenture wanted to know how comfortable we are with all of this, and what information we might be willing to give up for rewards from merchants. Broadly speaking, it depends on what they’re offering. [More]


Man Celebrating 101st Birthday At Restaurant That Gives Discounts Based On Age Gets $0.07 Refund On Meal

There are many perks of growing old — seeing your kids have kids, wearing shirts that say “World’s Best Grandma,” calling rowdy youngsters “whippersnappers” and more — and getting discounts on things is definitely not the least of those. But one centenarian learned that he’d reached a point where you can actually get a free mail and get paid just for your age.


Retailers Figure Out They Shouldn’t Offer Discounts To Customers Who Don’t Care

Retailers Figure Out They Shouldn’t Offer Discounts To Customers Who Don’t Care

Retailers are now able to compile and sort through massive amounts of data about their customers, and they’ve used that information to figure out which customers simply don’t care about discounts, and make their purchasing decisions without paying attention to them. Logically enough, retailers simply don’t send discount offers to these customers. [More]


Twitter Testing Tweets That Double As Digital Coupons

Twitter is already flirting with offering users the ability to purchase things from within their feeds with its “Buy” button, and now the social media company is dipping its toes into discount waters with a new test of digital coupons. [More]


Guy Saves Hundreds By Displaying Homemade “Ginger Discount” Card At Local Businesses

As if we need further proof that redheaded folks are smooth, savvy and otherwise generally awesome, one flame-haired fellow in Scotland is taking advantage of his coif’s color by flashing a homemade “Ginger Discount Card” to save on tabs at the bar, restaurants and anywhere he can buy stuff. [More]

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Atheist Group Points Out Diner’s “Praying In Public” Discount Is A Civil Rights Violation

Last week, a diner in North Carolina made headlines for giving a 15% discount to customers who said grace before eating. While the owner argued that the discount was more about rewarding customers who express “gratitude,” it’s hard to ignore that the discount is described on receipts as a discount for “Praying in Public.” [More]

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Restaurant Offering 15% Discount For “Praying In Public” Says It’s More About Gratitude

If a restaurant wants to offer a discount on a customer’s check, it can go right ahead and do that. But when the discount is tied to showing gratitude for your meal, how the heck is a restaurant supposed to decide who’s grateful and who’s not? [More]

Watch Out For Groupons With “Reservation Required”

Watch Out For Groupons With “Reservation Required”

Reader Aaron is annoyed at Groupon. He bought a voucher for a local restaurant: a sushi place, to be exact, but the type of business doesn’t matter all that much. What does matter is that he paid for a voucher, which required that he make a reservation at the restaurant through Groupon’s app. This wouldn’t be a problem if he could get a reservation. [More]

T-Mobile Removes More Discounts, Upsets More Customers

T-Mobile Removes More Discounts, Upsets More Customers

T-Mobile’s whole “uncarrier” schtick is supposedly about disrupting the normal pricing scheme and financial ecosystem of mobile phones. Discounts based on your workplace, college, or group affiliations have been a big part of the traditional carrier pricing model, and T-Mobile didn’t expect an outcry when they did away with them. Now Big Magenta is doing away with discounts for members of certain organizations. They are not pleased. [More]

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Dollar Store Bubble Bursting? Family Dollar Closing 370 Stores, Cutting Prices

Once upon a time, dollar stores were living the high life, enjoying increased revenue and making plans for expansion. Okay, that was just a year ago, but still, a lot can change in a year. And that’s definitely the case for Family Dollar, whose recent revenue drop has executives taking some pretty serious action. [More]

Study: Most Supermarket Coupons Pile On The Savings For Junk Food, Sugary Drinks

Study: Most Supermarket Coupons Pile On The Savings For Junk Food, Sugary Drinks

There you are, making sure every single store coupon you can possibly use is going to cut down on that grocery bill. But while the prices are slimming down with the discounts offered by supermarkets, the foods with the most discounts could be expanding your waistline. [More]

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Groupon Introduces Discounted Restaurant Reservation Service

Now that the general public is over the first blush of excitement we initially felt for daily deals sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, the industry is casting about for new ways to entice customers. Because just like a shark, companies know they’ve gotta keep moving or face certain death. Groupon’s newest bid for survival: A service offering reservations at upscale restaurants for up to 40% off. [More]

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Automate Searching For Deals And Sales, Power-Shop In Your Sleep

Bargain-hunting can be really fun. You can spend hours clipping coupons, searching online, and pawing through clearance racks to find the best deals. If you don’t enjoy that or don’t have time, though, there’s another way. You can decide what you want and what you’re willing to pay, and use automated tools that notify you when the item reaches that magic price. [More]


How A Sprint Kiosk Worker Got Me In Trouble With The Discount Police

R. decided to be scrupulously honest. He had a 15% discount on his Sprint bill because of his employer. When he switched jobs and moved to a different state, he kept his Sprint plan but dutifully reported that he wasn’t eligible for the discount anymore. Unfortunately, he reported this to a Sprint kiosk worker, who failed to actually remove the discount. Moral of the story: no matter who helps you, make sure the changes went through.



Starbucks Introduces $1 Reusable Tumbler That You’ll Probably Leave At Home

Do you remember to bring your reusable tote bag to the grocery store for a ten-cent discount? Would you remember to bring an inexpensive reusable tumbler back to Starbucks for your daily coffee? Starbucks is hoping that some people do, offering the new cups and a discount in an effort to cut back on the total number of cups the the chain uses per year.



State Says Restaurant’s Church Bulletin Discount On Sundays Isn’t Discriminatory, But Needs Work

Is a promotion offering discounts to customers who bring in a “current church bulletin” discriminatory or unfair to people who aren’t religious? One Pennyslvania restaurant won’t remove or re-word their 10% off promotion for churchgoers, saying that it’s helped business on Sundays. It has, but it also got the attention of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.


Popeyes ‘Economic Service Fee’ Is Really Just A Credit Card Fee

Popeyes ‘Economic Service Fee’ Is Really Just A Credit Card Fee

If you haven’t visited a Popeyes fast-food outlet lately, you may be in for a surprise the next time you stop by. Sometimes last year, some franchisees––we’re not sure how many–started to impose a 57-cent service fee on transactions over $5. Coincidentally, they also offer a 60-cent refund on all cash transactions. The net effect is that customers get a minuscule discount off the sticker price for paying cash, but have to pay a 57-cent fee to pay with plastic.