Lawsuit Claims Twitter Eavesdrops On Direct Messages

Lawsuit Claims Twitter Eavesdrops On Direct Messages

When you send a direct message on Twitter, you might imagine it zipping straight from your account to its intended recipient, arriving exactly how you wrote it, untouched and unchanged. But a new lawsuit in California claims Twitter is effectively snooping on users’ direct messages, and changing them to benefit its own advertising goals. [More]

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Twitter Lifting The 140-Character Limit For Direct Messages

Although many companies have branched into social media as a customer service tool, it can be frustrating for all parties involved when customers have to explain their issues in 140-character chunks of text. To make things a bit easier for everyone, Twitter has decided to lift the character limit in direct messages. So it’s like, email…? [More]


You Can Now Share Tweets Using Twitter’s Direct Messages

Though it might seem like a feature that should’ve been in place already, the ability for Twitter users to share tweets of interest via the platform’s direct messages option is something the company just rolled out this week. [More]

Twitter’s New Limited Opt-in Lets Any Followers Send A User Direct Messages

Twitter’s New Limited Opt-in Lets Any Followers Send A User Direct Messages

You know what’s really annoying about Twitter? When super famous celebrities send you direct messages because you follow them, but then you can’t send one back saying yes, let’s be best friends, because they don’t follow you (the nerve!). But now Twitter will let you open the flood gates and release The Kraken, if you will, by letting any followers send DMs — but only on a limited amount of accounts, it seems. [More]


Not That You’d Regret Anything, But Unlike Email, You Can Unsend Twitter Direct Messages

It’s late, you’ve just gotten out of a vigorous, cocktail-fueled round of validation with your friends (“There’s nothing wrong with you, he’s just immature!”) and you’re feeling communicative. A few bleep blop taps of the phone later and you’ve just sent a direct message on Twitter to that guy you were sorta seeing saying things you instantly regret. All is not lost, however. [More]