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Google’s Settlement With Group Of Publishers Means You Can Read More Before You Buy

It’s taken all of seven years and plenty of time in court, but Google and a group of publishers have finally reached an out-of-court settlement to resolve a dispute over the digitization of books for the Google Library Project. What does that mean? Hopefully that longer samples of books will be available in Google Play before consumers have to decide whether or not to buy it. [More]

Judge Rejects Google's Digital Books Settlement

Judge Rejects Google's Digital Books Settlement

A district court judge told Google its $125 million settlement with authors and publishers is invalid because it’s too favorable to the company. The ruling stalls Google’s plans to complete a massive digital library and bookstore. [More]

Everyone keeps reporting it, so we feel like we should also mention it here: Amazon has dropped the price on its normal-sized Kindle to $299. [Consumer Reports]